Nearby American Kestrel

As the title implies, there’s an American Kestrel nearby. I often drive past it because I don’t have the time to stop, but on two occasions, I stopped the car and got out, Camera in hand.

The first time, he took off before I even had the chance to sneak up close . . . I shot a burst of 20 photos with the Nikon D7500. None were great but . . .

Before you scoff at how piss-poo that photo is, here’s what the original looks like out of the camera . . .

The sucker was far away and moving fast and the sky was overcast. Given the above, I’m happy with the photo. And also the following set (from the same burst as I was panning the camera to follow the bird).

No, awards they will not win, but I’m happy with those both for the performance of the camera dn for the ability to draw out details when shooting in RAW.

A week later, I drove by the same place but I had my P900 with me so I parked far enough away to ensure the bird wouldn’t fly off.

Here are the three photos (out of 12) that turned out halfway decent.

Not too bad. The bird did take off as I tried getting closer, but I couldn’t get the P900 to acquire focus as the bird flew.

There’s not SmugMug gallery.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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