Alphabet Challenge “A” and “B” Stories poll closing

The polls for the”A” and “B” Stories are closing this weekend when the “C” Stories will go live. If you’ve not already done so, you only have a short while to vote for one of the stories in the “B” Alphabet Challenge Submissions. You can vote HERE and for them who have yet to read them, there are links to each of the stories in that post.

I’ve also left the “A” Alphabet Challenge Submissions voting open a few more days (HERE) but I’m not seeing any traffic there, so it too will close.

To be clear, you can read the stories and not vote (as some people have done). It’s also perfectly OK to not like any of them (it’s one of the voting options).

My original plan was to keep the voting open for one month for each letter, but, realistically, no one new has bothered to check them out for a few weeks now. From now on, I’ll close the voting when a new group of stories goes live.

As I mentioned, the “C” stories will go live this weekend.

That’s a vulture gliding overhead during one of my recent photo outings.

That’s the uncropped photo at 300mm zoom. Here’s the crop of the above.

As usual, you can click on the photos for a larger version, but there’s no SmugMug gallery because clicking on them will give you as large a photo as is available (it’s a tight crop).

Those — and these next few photos — aren’t that good because it was far away . . .

. . . but, notice it was getting closer . . . perhaps it sensed my advanced age and mortality.

It actually flew right over me . . . well, almost.

Not many will check out the galleries, so here are a few that I thought were pretty good.

Vultures usually fly pretty high and the contrast to the sky makes photographing them with any detail a difficult challenge. They do occasionally hold rallies — when running for re-election — but it’s difficult to get them in focus. Shifty, they are.

I was happy with these shots, but I’m not voting for this — or any — vulture.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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