Panama Canal Cruise 2019 — Some of my meals

Despite our best efforts, walking, and hitting the gym, I still managed to put on some pounds. We don’t have a scale, but I estimate three pounds . . . four, tops. It will take longer to lose it than it took to gain it, that’s for sure.

I thought I’d do a post about some of my meals. Here’s a mid-morning snack.

I’m still posting photos no more than 640 pixels wide. If you’re looking for more, it’s coming, but not soon.

The above is one of Melisa’s meals. Here’s mine:

I’m pretty tired, so, not much writing and lots of photos.

One of the above is Melisa’s . . . the rest are mine.

I’m writing this in our last evening on the boat. This is what I feel like . . .

Here’s more of why . . .

And a few more . . .

I think there are a couple of duplicate photos . . . The problem with composing on the phone.

Also why the text color changes here and there.

There were more meals and I have photos of most of them . . . but they will have to wait.

It’s been a nice cruise . . . And the next leg of our travels is, perhaps, as interesting.

. . . but, that’s a story for another post . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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22 Responses to Panama Canal Cruise 2019 — Some of my meals

  1. Your post reminds me of those restaurants that put pictures of the meals on a display board.


  2. oneowner says:

    No need to ask “What’s for dinner”? It’s all good!


    • disperser says:

      We both agreed the food choices and quality were better than on our last cruise on the same ship (the 2017 Alaska Cruise).

      . . . good in one respect, not so good for other (not-elastic clothes) considerations


  3. etinkerbell says:

    I went on cruise last summer myself and I firmly believe that it is impossible to come back without having gained some pounds, unless you got sick, of course. I did pay attention and tried not to overeat, but no way. 🐖🙋


  4. AnnMarie says:

    Everything looks very yummy . . . and it should, since it’s 5:00pm here and dinnertime! I don’t have the above choices, but never fear . . . mother’s in the kitchen!!! A delight-filled dinner is on its way!

    Liked by 1 person

    • disperser says:

      To tell you the truth, we’re looking forward to more modest meals. I miss just plain pasta con burro, cheerios with banana and walnuts, oatmeal with cream cheese and eggs, and, of course, the occasional egg dish with Spam.

      Also, the French toast I make (much, much better than what was on the ship) and my version of cream of wheat is many levels better than was served on the ship.

      Their salads were good, but I couldn’t make my mix of oil and vinegar. Again, not diminishing the experience as I would be a hypocrite if I said I did not enjoy the eating portion of the cruise but 15 days was, perhaps, a tad longer than we like. Then again, being sick on the ship is not very pleasant.


  5. macquie says:

    i understand that the posting many photos are big job to complete and it’s enough to make you tired, particularly if you have to do it remotely / not from your main PC. Being said, photos of food are always fun to see. Thank you very much for sharing! :-)


  6. Everything looks sooooooooooo delicious! I especially love looking at the salads…they look so bright, cheery, and fresh!

    Aw, that you felt like the stuff-ed bear.
    Your self-portrait is great!

    We look forward to hearing about your other travels.
    Hope you both are well!
    (((HUGS))) for you and Melisa!

    Liked by 1 person

    • disperser says:

      I broke down and made a doctor appointment for the morning because I don’t want to embark on the next leg of our travel with the possibility of whatever I have developing in something more. Hopefully, it’s nothing, but it doesn’t hurt to check it out.

      Thank you, Carolyn . . . wait . . . are you saying the bear is the self-portrait?

      I mean, I’m not arguing, just wanting clarification.

      Liked by 1 person

      • HA! No, I’m not! Those two comments are about separate photos so I should have separated them. I was just responding to you feeling stuff-ed.
        And I realized that bear is not your self portrait! :-D

        Glad you got a doc appointment! And I hope you feel better soon!
        I have the sinus crud but I’m hoping to avoid seeing the doc for it.
        I do have to see my oncologist this week, though.


      • disperser says:

        If we weren’t traveling, I’d probably wait for it to run its course (giving me more of an opportunity to complain about my fate and about the unfairness of the universe).

        However, with the upcoming requirement of performance driving, I don’t want to risk being a level below mediocre.


  7. Emily Scott says:

    The food looks surprisingly healthy and fresh. Three or four pounds is nothing in the scheme of things! Infinitely worth it.


    • disperser says:

      Nothing!? You call the departure from an Adonis-like form nothing?

      Nope; it’s an insult to the balance the Universe tries to maintain for the benefit of whole of humanity.

      We’ll, mostly for my benefit.

      Seriously, it’s more of a big deal because as I add years (which is a good thing), removing any pounds I gain becomes more of a challenge. Those four pounds will take 5.3 times longer to shed than it took to put on. And, that’s only if I stop rushing to the feeding trough.

      . . . which, as I age, becomes more difficult to resist.


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