Samsung Note 8 Photos — July 2018

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This post contains 37 unspectacular photos . . . but, perhaps, a few might be interesting. As the title says, all of these were shot in July 2018 using my Samsung Note 8. To be sure, many more photos than these were snapped but all other relevant photos have already been used in other posts. The rest are not worth sharing unless a specific opportunity comes up. 

With that disclaimer, let’s begin . . . 

That’s a Foxtail Palm (so named for obvious reasons) in the parking lot of our complex. It’s an interesting plant native to Queensland, Australia. Apparently, it’s a popular decorative palm both here and in other tropical settings. 

I probably should have taken a whole-palm shot but I concentrated too much on details and not enough on the whole picture.

Next up, a couple of photos of paintings at the home of friends of ours.

Next up, we have the sign for the Kona Inn Restaurant. They also own the Canoe Club (another restaurant in the same shopping center). Both restaurants serve slices of Kona Mud Pie (ice cream pie). It’s nearly as good as what Melisa makes. 

Next up, a few pictures of lava rocks and coral pieces worn by the action of waves crashing onto the shore. 

These two videos were taken from that same spot.

As usual, I recommend viewing in HD and going to YouTube to see them larger. 

These places are typically shown as idyllic and people will marvel at how beautiful it all is. Except, it’s not all beauty and happiness.

This next shot is of a homeless person in a temporary camp about twenty feet from where I was standing. The area around the person has a number of tourists, all studiously avoiding looking at that particular scene. I’ve mentioned it before but it’s worth repeating; this is not an unusual or rare sight throughout the island, and especially near population centers.

These next few (slow-motion) videos are not from the same area, but close enough . . . I like that I caught a bird going by during the slow-motion part of the first video. 

Next up, a recently trimmed banyan tree near the King Kamehameha Hotel at the Kona Pier. 

Before the trim, the canopy provided lots more shade and cut out nearly all the light, especially on the inland side of the tree. One would often find people gathering there for some respite from the heat.

The King Kamehameha hotel was supposed to be the first night’s stay during our first visit to the Island. Instead, they had overbooked and had sold our rooms (we got in late). It took a few hours before they got us temporary rooms at a nearby condo unit. We were all tired and sleepy and hungry and we sat in the lobby for a good long while. 

What we didn’t do is walk around and see the various decorations and cultural exhibits. Even if we had, we wouldn’t have seen this . . . 

. . . because this display commemorates a catch of a few years later . . . 

We might have seen this display . . . 

. . . but I don’t remember it being there. Nor do I remember the various display cases that now line the long atrium. Here’s a photo of the wood carving at each end of the display cases. 

I do remember the large photo we sat under, but not the particulars of it because at the time we were quite irate. Here’s what that photo looks like.

I do like this next painting but don’t right now remember who that is supposed to depict. Probably the equivalent of the Kardashians from back then.

Friends moved to a new house in July and they have some nice plumeria trees as well as other flowering plants. 

This fern was trying to grow right outside our condo . . . 

Unfortunately, it was in the bed of some other decorative plants so it got “weeded” a few days after these photos were taken. Too bad that as I don’t like the other plants as well. 

This little guy was walking around the concrete path to the parking lot so I stayed around a few minutes to make sure no one steps on it. It’s a Weevil but since there are many different kinds, this has proven a bit difficult to identify. The closest I could find is from a species that is not supposed to be in Hawaiʻi.

I take photos of pretty much everything . . . for instance, one of my breakfasts (the banana slices and more walnuts are under the Cheerios).

These next two photos are also from the house of our friends. 

Next up, I occasionally get ideas for what might look neat . . . as in these three plastic bowls sitting on one of Melisa’s quilts. 

Oh, I agree, not very spiffy-looking . . . but, I’m not content with just the original shot . . .

Finally, I leave you with this short video of a guy that also lives in the complex and who was out practicing his fire-stick routine (he entertains crowds waiting in line at a local business whose name I now don’t remember). It’s a neat LED-stick that has many settings. That’s the regular flames look, but there are also different color flames and a rainbow option. All in all,

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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