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By the road, by the sea, rainbow and fireworks

I ain’t be gots much to talk about . . . doing some beta reading, fencing with my writing and editing, snacking, but mostly trying not to move lest I break out in a sweat. That’s right, entering the hot … Continue reading

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Every morning, we walk at the Old Kona Airport recreation area. I’ve written about it before but for them who forgot, our usual walk is 4.5 miles. If we don’t go to the gym, we add another 2 miles to … Continue reading

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Magic Sands – Big Island, Hawaiʻi

There’s a small beach park here in Kona called Magic Sands Beach Park. The ocean frontage is only about 100 yards, but it sees a lot of use. Here’s an overhead shot of it from Google Earth. The hotel next … Continue reading

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Catching up – Nikon P900

It’s the end of the day . . . just a regular day. We exercised, cleaned, ate, and watched $56M worth of armament hit a base in Syria. Lots of opinions expressed forcefully and with passion.  Perfect time for me … Continue reading

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Surfing – Part 2

Grab a coffee, a snack, and put on an adult diaper . . . this will be a long post. December 26, 2016, found me back on the shores of the Pine Tree Surfing Beach . . . which is … Continue reading

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Hawai’i Birds – Part I

I had high hopes, once here, of snagging lots of bird photos but Hawai’ian birds turned out to be surprisingly difficult to capture. I mean photograph, but I imagine capturing them would also be difficult. Almost every bird I see is … Continue reading

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Best Hamburger . . . and Malasadas

When we lived in Michigan, our favorite hamburger was the Big C. You can read a bit about Clyde’s and the three-quarters-pounder burger HERE and HERE. The Big C was a five hours drive from where we lived, but it … Continue reading

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