Hummingbirds 2022 — Part 1

This year, they were late. Rather, I didn’t see any at my feeders until late May, and didn’t photograph any until June 1st, well after the Migration Map showed them all the way into Canada. These next two photos are the first of the season.

The photos aren’t great, but they’re shared on the strength of them being the first two photos of the 2022 season. Don’t worry, I have better photos . . . but the ones below are just mediocre.

Even after I started seeing them, they were pretty rare. However, On June 6th I was able to snap a bunch of photos. Some, I’ll present in later posts, and some are offered up below.

“Ah, some fresh nectar!”
“What that…! There’s a feeder right next door! Why come here?”
“And, she’s ignoring me! The nerve of some people birds!”
“I was here first!”
“There are ten feeding holes; don’t have a cow!”
“OK, but stay on your side, and no backwash!”
“Do you even know how our tongues work? No chance of backwash.”
“Who the hell is that? “
“Don’t worry; he’s going elsewhere.”
“Wow; he’s fast! I’m still looking at the now empty space where he was.”
“He’s down yonder a bit; don’t worry about him. Plenty of other fish birds in the sea.”
“Won’t they drown?”
“…!… That’s a dumb joke. I’m switching feeders.”
“Be like that! I’m outta here!”
“Well, good riddance! … Wait … what fresh hell is this!?”
“I better go back and reclaim my spot.”
“I think I was one spot to the right of this one, but, what the heck! Let’s live large!”
“Let me do action pose number 7, in case anyone is snapping photos!”

I don’t really speak Hummerian, but that’s what I think they were saying. Anyway, the SmugMug slideshow is HERE. Not many photos, as I said, but more to come.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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