More Infinite Painter Practice

This will be fairly quick . . . 

So, I wanted to practice drawing some more but decided I would copy something (copy, not trace), specifically . . . 

I started by drawing some guides.

Don’t laugh . . . it’s a bit difficult drawing smooth lines on a small device.

At this point, I realized there is a smoothing function available for free-hand drawing, but it was too late. I did, however, remember to use layers. 

Notice I’m not following the guides, opting instead to flow the markings a bit more. 

Notice also the bit of red . . . I remembered in time and switched to a new layer.

Again, only using the guides as a suggestion and I’m blending colors trying to match the original. 

Nearly there. Just have to add some shading and texture . . . 

At this point, I’m feeling pretty good and thought the drawing would look better on a black background . . . 

Well, crap! . . . what happened? I tried a couple of different backgrounds. 

Ah . . . I see what’s happening; I didn’t completely fill the colors and the background color is bleeding through.

Easily fixed, I thought . . . 

Well, crap again! . . . that doesn’t look as good. Well, at least the background color won’t bleed through anymore, right?

Well, I should have left well-enough alone. The first finished product looked better and not too far from the actual piece . . . here they are for comparison:

Well, I learned a few things . . . First, it’s not as easy as it seemed to blend colors and get complete coverage. Second, I should draw with a background color other than white so that I can see if the paint I’m putting down is getting complete coverage. Third, changing the background brings out the strokes a bit more than having it as a white or blank background. Fourth and final; leave stuff alone once you like it. Trying to “fix” it often makes it worse.

And now, a gallery of the drawings.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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