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More Infinite Painter Practice

This will be fairly quick . . .  So, I wanted to practice drawing some more but decided I would copy something (copy, not trace), specifically . . .  I started by drawing some guides. At this point, I realized … Continue reading

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Some ferns and a drawing

In early May, we visited the Volcano House at the Volcano National Park (both now closed because of the ongoing oozing of toxic gasses and lava). Whenever I’m there, I stop right outside the entrance and snap a few photos. This … Continue reading

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Drawing stuff with Infinite Painter

This will be quick . . . I think.  So, I’ve yet to take any of the classes I have available to me or watch any of the thousands of drawing tutorials available on the InterWeb.   I mean, I will but … Continue reading

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Art is as Art does . . .

. . . but that ain’t my name. At my current rate of progress, Art and I will never be intimately acquainted. Still, I persist . . . because I have a Note 8 and that comes with a stylus.   When I … Continue reading

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Rendering of a dog

So, the Note 8 — like previous Notes before it — comes with a stylus. I like to doodle, so that’s a big plus for me. I have a couple of drawing apps that I purchased years ago and I … Continue reading

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