xkcd tackles Climate Change

Of all the books I’ve read that contained math, science, and the practical application of the two, the book by Randall Munroe, What If? <<link, was the most enjoyable and the most informative.

It also gave me an insight into the mind and thought process of the guy who writes the xkcd comics <<link.

The above is his entry when the 1982 Exxon Memo to Management about CO2 Greenhouse Effect (LINK) was made public. The link contains a link to the original PDF.

The interesting thing about that report, is that it was self-fulfilling.

What do I mean?

Well, there’s wording in there saying that it would take 40 to 50 years to viably transfer energy production from fossil fuels to alternative fuels. It also says there would be resistance to doing so . . . well, duh!

Of course there was resistance to doing so given Exxon et al. actively fought against it and constantly put up roadblocks to developing alternative energy sources by enlisting the help of lobbyists and conservatives with financial incentives to NOT do anything about it!

The part that made me a bit mad is the part where they discuss the strength of the “signal”. Meaning, scientists would not be able to confidently say the rising temperatures were due to man-made CO2 until at least the year 2000. At that time, the signal would be clearer. Meanwhile, they could obfuscate (and even beyond, because by then the gullible rubes would be on board).

What’s pisses me off even more, is that they predicted the global temperature rise, the mechanisms that would mask it, and the levels that it would reach based on projected consumption.

As a reminder, the projected consumption of fossil fuel was based on humans not doing anything.

I want to remind climate deniers — and especially rear orifices who deny humans contributed to the warming — that this is a memo from Exxon. A memo that says everything that people who have been raising the alarm have been saying. You may not believe it, but rest assured Exxon et al. believed in you! They knew they could count on your ignorance and manipulate you to do their bidding.

I also want to point out that 40 years have passed since that memo was written . . . exactly the amount of time they predicted would be required to develop and switch to alternative energy production. For them that needs it, let me spell it out . . . we could have been almost there NOW.

Look, I know that if you are a denier — and especially if you’ve mouthed off about how it’s all a hoax and people are stupid for believing scientists — that you have way too much invested in it, and there’s no way you’re going to read that memo and admit you might have been wrong.

But, rest assured . . . history will judge harshly idiots people like you. And not just history; your children and your grandchildren, too. Given what’s coming, they will curse your names and perhaps even spit on your graves. Eh, maybe not . . . but I certainly would.

There’s a clip from a fictional show (Newsroom) that I love to watch and rewatch. In case WordPress loses the link or YouTube “moves” the video, just do a search for “the newsroom s03e03 climate change interview“. It’s funny; really funny . . . and tragic. I should also mention; they got the right actor to play this part.

I’m sure most people have heard the U. N. released their 2021 Global Warming report (LINK). Depending on who you listen to (Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) you’re already been subjected to whatever spin you want to hear.

Of course, you could read it on your own, all the while remembering all the member nations had to agree on the report. And here’s the thing . . . it’s scary.

Even more so because I know the reality of actually meeting the goals that would mitigate the predictions is next to nill. At this point, it would almost be better to invest the money in relocating people and setting up disaster relief organizations. I also heard plausible arguments making the case for a carbon tax as preferred to government mandates, especially given that industry is much better at responding in ways to improve the bottom line (the opposite of governments).

But, per the U.N.’s previous reports, as far back as 2019, current goals are not likely to be met (we didn’t come close to meeting previous goals, not even by countries that heavily invested to meet them). I doubt anyone will meet the necessary goals; not the countries who desperately want to, and not anyone else. (LINK)

There’s one other graphic at the xkcd site that’s worth sharing.

I should point out something else . . . many people have an inordinate amount of trust that technology will get us out of this, that something will come up some smart person or persons will develop technology that will help stem what’s coming.

Let me point out that — ironically — these are the same people who don’t trust vaccines and don’t believe the COVID-19 is a real pandemic. In other words, they have difficulty distinguishing between the orifice they use to evacuate food waste, and a hole in the ground. They’re reliant on other people (usually, bad actors who tell them what they want to hear) to do their thinking for them.

Here’s the thing, folks . . . through 2050, regardless of what the “developed” and “rich” nations do, CO2 emissions are going to keep increasing (LINK). And even the developed and rich nations are still going to keep pumping out CO2 at the current levels.

Wanna know why? Well, here are some population projections: LINK and LINK.

That’s 9.7 billion people by the year 2050, and the number will continue to increase.

And just in case it hasn’t sunk in, we have a long history of civilizations dying off because of climate change, and that’s just due to “natural” cycles . . . cycles that we’ve now supercharged.

Just read what would happen if the infusion of fresh water from melting glaciers alters ocean currents. People may not realize how important the circulation of ocean water is to the weather. The movie The Day After Tomorrow was an exaggeration, but the underlying importance of the oceans’ conveyor belts is real.

“What can we do?” you might ask . . . well, I’m used to dealing with people who didn’t prepare, didn’t keep informed, didn’t heed warning signs, didn’t listen to advice (or listened to the wrong advice because it’s what they wanted to hear) . . . and my answer is always the same. Brace yourselves, because it’s gonna get ugly.

But, meanwhile, here’s a cartoon . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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