Project 313 – Post No. 056

In a recent comment, I was asked if I missed the seasons . . . I gave a rambling answer that made me sound as if I were older and Australian. 

The thing is, people have canned responses to these kinds of questions. Often, it’s either an emphatic “no!” or a rueful “yes!” . . . but — for me — it’s neither. 

I could say I miss the changes the seasons bring, but the truth is they’re mostly a bother. I mean, I never minded the preparations for each coming seasons nor the maintenance associated with each season . . . but I also can’t say I enjoyed either task. It was something I did without thinking but — truth be told — I’d rather have been doing something else. 

I mean, there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes from having a well-maintained yard and beautiful flowers (usually better maintained and more flowers than others in our subdivision) and there’s a sense of pride (yes; I know it’s one of them major sins) that comes from having the cleanest drive in the neighborhood after a major snowstorm. 

But, missing it? 

Even when it comes to seasonal photos, I have dang near twenty years worth of seasonal photos. Were it not for the dates, it’d be difficult telling them apart. And, aside from photography, no other hobby I have takes advantage of — or has a requirement for — seasonal weather. I had no winter sports I indulged in and wasn’t passionate about summer sports. 

In fact, everything I enjoy is season-independent. It could be doing anything outside, and I wouldn’t care. Photography? Whatever is out there, I’ll photograph; no preference. Excercise? We go to the gym. Hiking or walking? Don’t matter none what weather; we done got the gear for it. 

So, it’s a question for which I have no good answer. We have now lived two years (in a few weeks) on an island with a relatively narrow temperature variation. Twenty-to-thirty degrees swing is the most we can expect. Contrast that with Colorado’s and Michigan’s up to one-hundred-and-twenty degrees swings . . . which is better? Well, while you’re living it, you basically just live in it and at least for me, it’s no use dwelling on it. There’s good and bad with each scenario and all the scenarios in between.

I prefer cooler weather than hotter weather. Ideally, I’d like to live in a constant 65º environment with a 5-10mph breeze and a couple of passing showers every other day just to keep things green. There ain’t no such place.

If we do move from here, we’ll likely move to where we’ll experience seasons again. 

If I stop and think about it, I can’t really work up a “feeling” one way or another. It’ll just be something we deal with. If and when we do move, I’ll be asked if I miss Hawaiʻi.

. . . I’ll miss the Malasadas, I know that much. The rest? I’ll miss some things and be glad to be rid of some others. 

In other words, it’ll be like every other place I lived. I’m a man without roots, I am. It don’t seem to bother me none.  

And now, the photo:

Project 313 056

That tiki is outstanding in its field . . . (press “play”)

I have a lot of unrelated (random?) phots from both the Note 8 and the P900 that I should process and weave into a nonsensical narrative I can then offer up in a post . . . perhaps I’ll do that but right now I need to write three or four of these posts because I done used up the buffer I had . . . this is being composed just a few hours before it goes live. 

I’m practically sweating under the pressure of a deadline . . . not.

This cartoon seems to reflect the attitude of many people. I first came across it in the early 1980s. We helped a friend — who subsequently stiffed us — in financial trouble. As part of helping, I gave a lot of advice regarding gaining some control over costs. 

That was the time I came up with one of my favorite metaphors; when you’ve dug yourself into a hole, focus on getting out so that you’re standing well away from it and on solid ground. Working to get out as you continue digging isn’t going to ever work.

The person didn’t heed the advice. Throughout the years, many failed to heed the advice. 

To this day, I’m reminded of the advice whenever I gain a little weight. Exercising without reducing the amount of food I eat isn’t going to help me get back down where I want to be. Either I decide to be overweight and don’t worry about it or I commit to changing my diet. I could try to exercise more, but that just makes you hungrier.

It also works the other way. If I want to eat a bit more, I need to be more active.

Basically, decide on a goal and what you want to accomplish and then focus on getting there . . . but also make sure you’re not doing anything to undermine the effort. 

The circle function in one of the drawing programs I have produces a weird circle . . . it looks like a disk with a circle cut out (see below). I wasn’t sure what use it served and then . . . Balloon Man.

Balloon Man

And . . . that’s it

Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.

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That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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