Project 313 – Post No. 000

Many people get involved with Project 365 derivatives. For them who don’t know, these projects are meant to instill the discipline in bloggers to post regularly . . . like, every day. It’s usually photographs, but it could be the end result of any artistic effort. 

Hence the 365 number — the effort is supposed to last one year; 365 posts. I’m not sure what people have against Leap Years. I mean, I think it would be much cooler doing one Project 366 every four years. Why, you could call it Project Leap, or Leap 366.

But, it’s not just February 29th people are dissing. Oh, no!

Do these sound familiar? Project 52. Project 12. Project 7. 

OK, OK . . . Project 7 is a bit too short and you’d have to set your clock for a monthly alarm or you’d be likely to forget you were actually doing a project from one month to the next. Project 52 got some promise; I mean, once a week sound doable and as long as you do it on the same day of the week each week, it’s a bit easier to remember than a monthly posting. 

For the record, I’ve never done a Project 365 . . . well, sort of. I’ve never done one unless you count THIS effort where I did the equivalent of a 365-day project in four months (I’m impatient that way). Don’t believe me? It’s my Untitled Posts series (102 posts) and there’s a gallery HERE with all 365 photos. 

Ah, you know where I’m going with this, right? Clever of you to work it out. 

Yes, I’m embarking on a Project 313 effort. Three-hundred-and-thirteen posts, each with a photo . . . and a joke and an original doodle. 

“Why 313?” you ask. 

Well, Bob — can I call you Bob? Yes? Great.

Well, Bob, let me tell you something you might not have worked out on your own. I pride myself on not following the crowd. Of being different. Of going against the tide. I may be one of nearly a billion bloggers on the planet, but, by FSM, I’m going my own way! An antisocial, reclusive, private, loner with a big ole window open to the public. 

OK, OK, that’s not true . . . there are only an estimated half a billion blogs in the world today, but at this rate, we should top a billion is a few short years. 

Anyways, 313 is a prime number. That means 313 days doesn’t break down into an even number of weeks or months. Also, it’s a palindromic number. Also, the addition of the individual digits is seven (7) which is one of my top five prime numbers. 

Anyway, that’s it . . . that’s the announcement of Project 313. 

Starting tomorrow — and for the next 313 days — at the stroke of 0000, a post will go live. It probably won’t have many words, but it will have a photo . . . 

P313 000

. . . and it will have a cartoon . . . 

. . . and it will have a doodle . . . 

Just to be clear, it’ll be a different photo, cartoon, and doodle each day. 

Mind you, I’m not saying they will all be good but, by golly, there will be 313 of each!!

One note of caution. The photos and doodles are obviously mine — obvious because of their puerility and because they lack the air of professionalism exhibited by commercial offering. 

The cartoon will be stuff I have saved throughout the years. I try and get permission from the owners of the cartoons before posting them but I seldom get replies. If someone (the owner of the copyright) objects, let me know and I’ll take them down. I see no monetary gain (direct or indirect) from posting them and I present them only because I admire the humor within them. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


Note: if you are not reading this blog post at, know that it has been copied without permission, and likely is being used by someone with nefarious intention, like attracting you to a malware-infested website.  Could be they also torture small mammals.


Please, if you are considering bestowing me recognition beyond commenting below, refrain from doing so.  I will decline blogger-to-blogger awards.   I appreciate the intent behind it, but I prefer a comment thanking me for turning you away from a life of crime, religion, or making you a better person in some other way.  That would mean something to me.

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Note: to those who may click on “like”, or rate the post; if you do not hear from me, know that I am sincerely appreciative, and I thank you for noticing what I do.

. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.

Finally, if you interpret anything on this blog as me asking or wanting pity, sympathy, or complaining about my life, or asking for help and advice, know you’re  likely missing my subtle mix of irony, sarcasm, and humor.

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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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33 Responses to Project 313 – Post No. 000

  1. You may call me El BoB, as we haven’t been formally introduced; can’t say I’ve noticed much in the joke department, the cartoons sometimes, and rarely amusing, to one with a fine tuned sense of humour. Todays effort somewhat childish, sort of thing I’d expect from my 2 year old granddaughter Poppy May.

    I actually follow a lady who posts everyday without fail, some are very intersting some just to fill in the gaps I suspect.

    Had an Uncle born on the 29th February 1896, his family were happy; they saved on birthday presents,

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    • disperser says:

      Well, ElBob — if that is, indeed, your name — I’m not sure what to tell you.

      I’m not surprised you failed in your quest to find amusement here. For one thing, you misspelled humor. For another, if you don’t laugh at Poppy May’s jokes — aside from that making you a terrible grandfather — you’ll be deeply disappointed here as there’s nothing fine-tuned about this blog.

      Perhaps, then, it’s best if you approach any future visits here as exercises in drollness. That way, you’ll always find what you’re looking for and you won’t have to express your self-proclaimed superiority for I know how big a burden that must be.

      Thank you for your input and I look forward to your continued patronage and encouraging words.

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  2. Photos and Cartoons and Doodles…Oh my!!! (Hmm…I think I heard that in an old movie!)

    OOH! I look forward to this! Best-est of luck-est! For the next 313 days, I will try to stop by every day and leave my normal verbose, boring comments. HA! (tongue-out smiley)

    I admire anyone who can blog every day and be a hit! Ha! I have enough to say and share (and enough stuff already written) that I could blog every day, but I wouldn’t be a hit. HA! (laughing smiley) People would tune me out fairly quickly! ( winky smiley)

    HUGS!!! :-)
    PS…That little face in the photo is powerfully cute!
    PSS or is it PPS…That cartoon made me snort! Mr. Holsen does 2 kinds of business in there.
    PSSS or is it PPPS…That doodle is wavy…and would make a beautiful kite!


    • disperser says:

      Well, now you put pressure on me; blog every day AND be a hit?

      I never said nothing about being a hit; I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ no hits!

      And yes, that’s a cute face. They’re doing some construction at the gym I go to and that plug (220v I believe) was just there, on the floor, looking all forlorn and all.

      It’s interesting pondering that everyone is a businessperson. Sometimes, there’s even a paperwork involved.

      That’s one of my lesser doodles but . . . as the creator, I can’t just let it languish unobserved out there in digital land. I gave it a shot at fame.

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      • HA!

        Well, I think all of your blogposts are a hit! So whatever photo, cartoon, or doodle you put up, it will be good!

        Aw, forlorn indeed. Glad you took it’s photo!

        HA! on the paperwork! I snorted!

        All doodles deserve a shot at fame!

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  3. oneowner says:

    An ambitious project, to be sure. I had a Project 5 once, wherein I posted a different version of the same photo for 5 days in a row. I was worn out by the 4th day but I persevered and finished the project. Good luck. Thoughts and prayers.


    • disperser says:

      Stop! . . . you’re scaring me.

      Really, I came up with the project on a whim and without taking into account my health (physical and mental) and my mortality. However, now that I’m committed, I look forward to its completion . . . because it would mean I’m still alive 313 . . . er . . . 312 days from now.

      I will be awfully disappointed if I don’t make it.


  4. AnnMarie says:

    Good idea!

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  5. No. 000 is good! I also want to let you know that I have recently received many (maybe 15 or more) of those follower messages from outlook emails that do not connect to anything. They do not show up as WordPress or email followers. It’s strange. Have you heard anything else about it?


    • disperser says:

      There is a long thread on this problem (it’s widespread). I’ll link the thread below (there are 13 pages of comments; I didn’t read them all) but here’s one of the responses from a WordPress Staff person:

      “Howdy all,

      Thanks for all the reports. We’re aware of this issue and working block these spam followers. We cannot just block all emails, though, as that will also block many real people from following your sites, so this isn’t just a quick simple fix.

      I know this is incredibly annoying, but I also want to reassure you that that’s all it is – annoying. There is no way these spam followers can put your site, your content, or your private account data in any danger. It just increases the number of email notifications needs to send out for each new post, so if anything it’s an attempted attack on us trying to overload our email servers, not on your sites or accounts.

      You can remove the spam followers under My Site ->People, but that won’t prevent new follows from coming in. You might also consider temporarily disabling email notifications of new followers in your account settings until we manage to get these blocked. You’ll still see a notification each time in the admin bar, but at least you won’t have your inbox flooded with emails from fake subscriptions.

      Please don’t email these addresses back – another potential reason for this is that someone is fishing for emails which they can then use to try and spam directly, and emailing them back will only provide them with your personal email address – something they cannot get hold of by merely following your site.

      We’ll update this thread with more details on this once we have them.”

      Here’s the link to the thread:

      There are other links in there as far as how to remove them, but I would suggest ignoring them. I figure my time is too precious to spend deleting subscriptions I don’t pay attention to.


  6. I once set myself a 365 project. I called it ‘A Life in a Year’ and each post was inspired by something relevant to my life or interests. I completed it but not many people read it of course.


    • disperser says:

      What I notice is that people quickly lose interest in repetitive stuff even if the stuff is unique.

      I attribute it to the modern human’s short attention span, likely spawned from the overabundance of information that crosses our paths.

      I’m fairly confident that by now these posts are barely glanced over by all but a few readers. That was the case with my monthly calendars . . . it was plainly evident few read what I wrote and only marginally more readers glanced at the picture itself. And that was once a month. I predicted that something presented daily would see a decline in viewership within the first ten posts, and that’s exactly what I’m seeing.

      I’ll count myself as lucky if one or two people actually follow this progression to the end. That said, I’m still going to have fun doing it.


  7. Prime is almost mystic – holds some number of vibration or forces anyway.
    Number combos – some do them, some never. (Hmmm wonder what the brain scans of each group would reveal…probably nothing. Zero is prime, right? Numbers are like little pictures to me – each having a personality…no wonder I was slow finishing math problems in school…they all have stories and enjoy chatting. )
    And now a quick exit
    Good luck with the project – posts should be intriguing…doodles and pack ratted cartoons! (Number fascinated people seem often have a interest in humor too)


    • disperser says:

      Hmm . . . my view of numbers is completely the opposite. They hold no mystery and their beauty is their simplicity, their power is their precision. They are honest, hiding nothing, be it meaning or subterfuge despite the tendency of humans to make it appear otherwise.

      By definition, zero is not prime but of all the numbers, it is, perhaps, the most inscrutable and approaching god-like status as it can be thought of as the alpha and omega; the number from which both nothing and infinity arise.

      It’s often cited as a goal (eg. “today, I will give zero f**ks”); usually an unobtainable goal. It’s often an exaggeration that is equally used to build our self-image (eg. “I have zero interest in fame and fortune”) and to absolve us of our failings (eg. “I had zero control”). It often sneaks up on us and we use it without specifically naming it (eg. “I did nothing wrong!” and “I never lied; not even once!”). It’s often the first excuse we give even as we know that by its very nature, it points to the opposite of its meaning (eg. “What was I doing? Why, nothing!”).

      It’s interesting that it was the last number to be named and for a long while we assigned no symbol to it . . . almost as if we were afraid of it, of its power, of its implications. We knew it was there, but it wasn’t until we acknowledged its existence that we could grow the sum of our knowledge; from nothing, as it were.

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      • Yes, numbers are solid definite facts. I guess the mystery come in with the use of them by some to explain personalities (date, year, month, time…) and make predictions based on combinations.
        That and in research the old and true saying is that you can prove anything with numbers (or selective analysis by humans ,,,so it’s not the numbers’ fault…)
        I have become much more fascinated by numbers and number systems in the last few years. In school math was a nightmare – not hands on teaching at the time or enough time to explore concepts before moving on…and I’m dyslexic with transference problems (taking group pf symbols/letters/numbers from one side of the page to a new location – it’s complicated and annoying.(diagnosed in grad school – really good coping skills and alternative methods up to then so neither I or anyone else realized it. I read the shape of words and big chunks of sentences, not the individual letters)
        Once arithmetic got past 3 numbers in series, it got bad. All I heard was that I wasn’t paying attention or trying. So I was steered away from math -although I love geometry, and word problems, and Algebra’s solving proofs…it’s just the numbers/symbols on the page are uncooperative with my brain.
        I think I saw part of that show about zero – will check it out..
        Concepts are interesting and logical. The NOVA “Great Math Mystery” was pretty interesting, too – as I always like to track things back through historical points and people
        Appreciate the info about Zero – I’m still catching up.


        • disperser says:

          I’ll have to watch that . . . but the description is a bit misleading. It talks about finding math’s signature in many instances of nature, but it seems a cart before the horse way of looking at things.

          Math can certainly help us describe the patterns and shapes of things, but other things are at play that are the root causes of them (gravity, molecular structure, evolution, etc. etc.).

          As for math in general. I think a problem with the way we teach it is that we don’t tie it back to everyday things. Some programs try doing that, but often they go off in left field. I think that’s one of the reasons people are more interested in it after they leave school.

          A little bit extreme, but the show Numbers showed how math can be applied to everyday problems.

          I also liked this scene from October Sky:

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        • The show does get a bit vague and out there (a lot of coincidences perhaps), but in the middle were some interesting mathematicians discussed.
          You are right about teaching methods/styles/techniques. Once you leave school, you can really start learning – if you paid attention and picked up the tools, don’t get lazy, distracted by sunny days outdoors, or mind dulling activities.
          Thanks for the link

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  8. your post is so much more fun to read than mine!! PS I have no discipline!


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