Guess the herb

A quick post as I prepare for sleep.

I know all the names but can only associate one to the corresponding photos with any kind of accuracy.

Mind you, I asked a few times but the information refuses to imprint into long-tern memory.

I’m currently in a very noisy Comfort Suites hotel. I’ll give them the comfort bit since it qualifies as shelter and I’m comfortable . . . but it seriously lacks in the window sound barrier department.

I suspect my tiredness and ear plugs will counter the constant drone of traffic punctuated by rear-orifices on needlessly loud motorcycles needlessly gunning the engine.

I’ll leave you with a non-herb photo of a wall decoration sat a hospital I recently visited.

It reminds me of a top view of a Game of Thrones throne . . . Not a King’s throne, but a different and baser throne. Definitely uncomfortable-looking.

Here’s the gallery of the above:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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