Quick Cruise Update 01

We’re on a NECA Cruise (New England and Canada Cruise). We flew into La Guardia on Friday and rented a room that happened to be under one of the airport’s flight path.

We didn’t sleep late because the room’s windows had never heard about insulation, let alone sound insulation.

There was also a delay boarding the ship later that morning because the Coast Guard conducted a surprise inspection of the ship; because of that, morning gave way to afternoon before we got onboard.

So, a little less relaxed than the typical embarkation experience but not bad.

We wondered if we would see the Statue of Liberty and, yes, we could see it from the ship . . . complete with a constant swarm of helicopters coming to buzz around it. I guess they were attracted by the torch she’s holding.

OK, only one helicopter in that photo but many were off-frame and there was a constant stream of helicopters coming from the shore, circling the statue and then heading back.

Here are a few more photos from the ship while we waited for departure.

That is a largish panorama taken in portrait mode.

Needless to say — but I’ll say it — these are all from the Note 8.

The “better” photo will have to wait until I get back home . . . and until I process the Panama Cruise photos . . . after I finish processing the 2017 Alaska Cruise.

Meanwhile, you can click on the photos and if this app works well, the larger version will open in a new tab or window.

Eventually, we set sail . . . er . . . set engine.

I’ll have to look up the name of this bridge . . .

When we went under it, this happened . . .

By the way, the WordPress app — as usual — is messing up royally. It’s losing carriage returns, spaces between period and the start of new sentences, paragraphs delineations, links, it’s failing to upload files, and generally pissing me off. I have no idea what readers will see when — and if — I finally managed to publish this post I’ve been working on and off from last night and probably won’t finish until tomorrow.

Anyway, after going under the bridge, I got a few more decent shots.

We were tired and we crashed early, with me uncharacteristically falling asleep while the evening hours were still in the single digits.

The next morning — Sunday — found us anchored in Newport’s harbor (RI) . . . socked in by fog. And I mean, thick fog.

That’s looking out of the balcony of our obstructed view cabin. Here’s another shot from our balcony.

Here’s a shot from the upper deck looking forward . . .

The weather did eventually clear up long enough for a few decent photos and a 2.5 miles walk ashore.

But, that’s a tale for another day.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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