A humor break

It’s been a draining few days . . . so I figure I’d put up some funny stuff (or what I think is funny stuff). 

I begin with something to get the blood pumping:

Next, a quick selection of cartoons I’ve saved. I have a large collection of them spanning back decades. Here’s one with some advice for tomorrow:

Perhaps some of my readers might get a kick out of this next one . . . 

For them who don’t know me socially, more often than not, I’m liable to say things completely out of left field. People often wonder how I got this way; cartoons. Like, for instance . . . 

Of course, those are the low-hanging fruit of humor. Stuff about bodily functions brings us together by virtue of shared experiences.

Although, I admit that might offend some people with delicate sensibilities. And, if you’re not one of them, here’s a primer:

Still, on occasion, you come across things that are truly innovative and regardless of the . . . uh . . . delicate subject, you can’t help but laugh.

Still, my preferred delivery vehicle for humor remains the cartoon . . . 

. . . especially when the cartoon requires the reader to make even a small leap to get the joke . . . 

. . . and a related . . .

Yes, occasionally humor can also deliver a message or two. 

Of course, man can’t live . . . uh . . . sorry . . . non-gender-specific humans can’t live on cartoons alone. Once again, YouTube comes to the rescue. Honest folks, there’s a lot of clever stuff out there. Here’s one of my favorites. Seriously; watch this one.

Sometimes, things are so funny that it can one cry . . . with sadness about the underlying truth. 

And, sometimes, humor can be found in things we don’t even realize because we experience them every day . . . but change how we experience them, and all of a sudden, they are funny . . . well, I think they’re funny. 

Occasionally, the jokes are fairly specific and require some background knowledge that not everyone might have. But, man, it’s been decades! Surely, everyone has seen the movie by now!

Many videos I watch end up being short clips that catch my attention . . . primarily because they are poignant to the world around us and still funny. This one happens to touch on a pet peeve of mine . . . pundits telling me the opinion of people on Twitter or Facebook.

But sometimes they just hit my funny bone, like this next one did. 

Now, getting back to cartoons . . . I love when cartoons merge with my other favorite form of humor, the one-liner. 

I mentioned I’ve been collecting jokes for a while . . . the joke in some of them might escape today’s techno-savvy generation . . . 

. . . and some are cartoon strips that no longer exist . . . 

For some reason, those spoke to me . . . while this next one gave me a perspective on life that I found useful. 

I have a few readers from England . . . they might be offended, but what the heck; here goes nothing.

Herman is an old comic and it’s another one of those that helped shape my humor . . . 

One of my favorites (and there are many) are the Mother Goose & Grimm strips . . . 

I feel kind of bad for people who don’t see the humor in these. They thought me to think of humor in terms of the ninety-degree turn rather than straight ahead. 

And then, there’s Mr. Boffo. I’ve professed my love for the strip loud and often. 

One of the strips that started out strong and maybe slowed up a bit is Overboard. As an owner of a company, I kind of related to some of its humor . . . 

Well, it’s getting late. As you can see, I’m capable of wasting a lot of what would otherwise be productive time. 

Of course, not everything I watch is a complete waste of time. Some of it is highly educational. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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