Deep Dream Generator — The San Leon Sunrise Files

Not all my readers like the output from Deep Dream’s processing engine but many readers do. This post is for the latter. 

As I mentioned in the last post, when I play with Deep Dream, more and more I come to rely on a small set of “go-to” Style images that have a good chance of producing results I’ll like. 

These are the images used as the “Style” for the AI to blend into the main photo. Meaning, the original photo is still recognizable but incorporates elements of the Style photo as determined by the AI. 

Once you choose a Style photo, you can adjust how heavy or light you want it applied. Heavier, and less of the original will be retained. For 90% of what I do, I leave it at the default settings. 

This post is about the San Leon Sunrise Style photos.

The photos are from our 2011 visit to San Leon, Texas, and these shots are of the sun through an early morning fog. You can read that post HERE.

Anyway, one or more of the above are usually pretty good. For instance, an ordinary doll plus a sunrise . . . 

But, the operative term is “usually.” Remember in the last post that I mentioned the gorilla shots and having trouble coming up with a nice version? Here’s what a gorilla and the San Leon sunrises get you . . . 

As a reminder, compare those to the sewing machine blend . . . 

No comparison. 

When I saw the first doll, I immediately tried another . . . 

Hmm . . . not awful, but not as good as the first one. I think I needed a slightly larger head on the doll. 

OR . . . how about just the head?

Not bad, but no comparison to the first doll. How about live people?

Well, the theme certainly fit, but nothing to brag about. So why are these sunrise shots featured? 

Mind you, not all fox variants are as good.

By the way, those photos of kits playing are from THIS post.

The sunrise photos work well — at least per my observation — when the subject is fairly prominent in the photo. For instance . . . 

Well, OK, it could be better. Like, for instance, this small shell.

 How about this?

That is a wind ornament; a large one, about three feet in diameter. 

It turns out other mechanical stuff looks good melded with the sunrise shots.

Old and new tech meets a new dawn.

How about other types of photos? Like, maybe, a landscape?

Eh, it’s OK. 

Let’s face it, these were really good with the lions . . . 

If only we had some other impressive animal . . . like a camel . . . 

Or, perhaps something fiercer . . . 

Oh, well, we have to take what we got and no more.

The originals of these photos have all appeared on this blog. You might even recognize a few. Some appeared as is on recent posts, but I wanted to group them here. And now, here’s the gallery and the photos were also added to the ongoing SmugMug Gallery HERE.

Here’s the gallery of all the photos using the sunrise as a style:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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10 Responses to Deep Dream Generator — The San Leon Sunrise Files

  1. Why don’t you go get yourself a job and do something useful, like run for Congress, instead of playing silly buggers?


  2. AnnMarie says:

    I went to SmugMug and reviewed all your Dream photos down to the very first ones . . . there’s definitely a marked progression in your skill to choose a great Style photo as your base.

    And yes, the Lion is King, but the single Kit portraits are exquisite, followed very closely by the Wind Ornament.

    Just lovely, I say.


  3. OHMYGOSH! These are amazing, Emilio! The sunrise adds such light and beauty to all of the photos. That first doll is my favorite. But I, also, love the foxes and the lions.
    HUGS!!! for you and Melisa!


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