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The original post showed photographs of clown paintings (actually, prints of paintings) I own.





A comment on the original post prompted me to include more information on Agnes “Aggie” Mezigian.

We knew her in the late 1970s and early 1980.  Actually, Melisa knew Aggie from where she was working at the time; they were co-workers at a company in Southfield, Michigan. Aggie lived in Southfield and for all I know she still does. 

There used to be information about Agnes on the Internet, but I can no longer find anything, not even searching newspaper archives. 

The photos are of signed prints of a series of her clown paintings. They were offered up at an art show, and she signed them for us. She had mentioned that the eyes of the last three clowns prints were representative of her father’s eyes. From the articles below, her father was dying of Leukemia in 1958, and it’s when her interest in painting clowns began.

Here’s a PDF regarding the above prints:

Agnes Mezigian Clown Paintings

We do own an abstract that we commissioned from her for the first house we bought. It is an original painting, but it has nothing to do with the clowns she drew. Note: it’s a poor phone photo of the painting (I wanted to get this out). The painting is a lot better in person.

Edited to Add: I’ve replaced my poor original effort with a better photo. Click for larger version. 


Below are a few PDFs of newspaper articles about Aggie and her work. At the time, she was a well-known artist, at least in the Detroit area:

 Agnes Mezigian Detroit News Clippings 01

Agnes Mezigian Detroit News Clippings 02

Agnes Mezigian Detroit News Clippings 03

Agnes Mezigian Letter Southfield Mayor

Agnes Mezigian News Paper Clippings 01

Agnes Mezigian News Paper Clippings 02

Agnes Mezigian News Paper Clippings 03

Agnes Mezigian News Paper Clippings 04

 I was hesitant to include the address, but it did appear in one of the newspaper blurbs (local Southfield, Michigan, newspaper).

Sorry for the quality of the clippings, but they were given to us as-is.

I hope this helps those who have expressed an interest in these prints and in the artist.


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