Hiatus Post No. 15 – Stuff from Before

I am taking April off from Disperser Tracks, from reading blogs, from Facebook, from Twitter, and from the Internet in general. I plan to return (virtually) live on May 1st. 

Meanwhile, I scheduled a few posts (like this one) to go live during April . . . like a blog heartbeat of sorts.

I should mention, I am not monitoring comments. I will eventually read them in May, but if anyone has a question, the best bet is to send me an e-mail.

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It was the middle of 2006 . . . what better time to take a big tour of Western Colorado and parts of Utah? No better time, and so we went. You can read about the trip HERE (with the usual plethora of photos and brilliant commentary).

That was our trip. We headed south and across intending to visit Mesa Verde. The Hopi used to live there, and then changing weather conditions forced them out.




They left some neat stuff behind . . . but kind of boring. We headed to Arches NP, in Utah.



Nope! Neither of those are in Arches; that’s just stuff along the way. Here’s Arches:









We came back via the Northern route, and hit the Colorado National Monument.







And then cut south through Aspen and through Independence Pass.




It was a neat trip . . . we should do that again, soon.

If you enjoyed the above photos perhaps you would also enjoy the associated post (linked above). If not, if this will sate your photo appetite, good for you. Moderation is the key, even if it involves missing out on wonderful stuff (like my rock-steady writing – yes, I’m trying to pun).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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