Laundry and Snacks

Here’s a recap of the big small-laundry re-do . . . 

20150228143736-Processed_DIGI 20150228153114-Processed_DIGI 20150302084320-Processed_DIGI 20150302154949-Processed_DIGI 20150302163817-Processed_DIGI 20150304172524-Processed_DIGI 20150307171150-Processed_DIGI

It’s a small laundry room and also the entrance from the garage. It’s OK, but our next house will have a large mud/laundry/throw-your-stuff-down room. Because of the dryer vent hose location, we can’t push the washer and dryer as far back as we would like. Damn idiot builders!


Once we got to this point and were about to reinstall the old laundry tub, we decided to upgrade that as well. $200 got us a cabinet, tub, faucet, all the hoses and pipes.


I added the plexiglass . . . something I did in our other homes as well. It keeps stray droplets from ruining the wall.


Why is this called ‘Laundry and Snacks’?

I’ve had a few posts about the kind of stuff I eat and realized snacks deserve a special mention. 

Snacks are an important part of my day. They bridge the three hours between breakfast and lunch and the four hours between lunch and dinner and the five hours between dinner and bedtime.

I happen to have a fantastic wife who can whip stuff up at a moments notice. Some might recall these . . . 

20150222152217_DIGI 20150222152715_DIGI

. . . but she can also throw together other stuff . . . 


That’s either rhubarb or strawberries or both . . . my memory fails me and the snack has long since . . . eh, passed from my life. 

These next beauties are mostly for me as she does not like chocolate chips (and walnuts) cookies.


The white balance on those is slightly off, they should be very dark . . . like the picture on the box of the mix.


Some might remember she also bakes . . . 

20140728194330 20140728170906 20140728184703

For a quick snack, she sometimes whips this up . . . 


Mandarin slices, pineapple pieces, whipped cream, walnuts and coconuts bits . . . this stuff does not have a long shelf life. 

Well, I don’t really know that for a fact; it never lasts long enough to figure out if it has a shelf life.

This next thing is one of our recent kicks . . . 


That’s bread dough from Trader Joe’s half topped with pepper jack cheese and the other half with mozzarella cheese; no sauce. 

That also has an unknown shelf life.

People might get the idea I don’t eat healthy snacks. Not so . . . 

. . . I have fruit (usually bananas and apples) . . . 

20150221152014_DIGI 20150221_152509_DIGI

. . . and even celery with laughing cow light creamy swiss cheese.


But, truthfully, my preference leans toward . . . 

20140512_212901_DIGI 20150216135418_DIGI

When I have some, not all that often, I might indulge in a polenta and Spam snack.


I know what you’re all thinking . . . this guy eats too healthy!

Well, hold on; that’s the case when I feel like making stuff or feel like asking Melisa to make stuff. 

But, for when I don’t, there are cookies. Everyone knows graham crackers and Milano cookies, but these are probably not something most people are familiar with . . . 

(excuse the poor quality of the photo - I was eating at the time)


(excuse the poor quality of the photo – I was eating at the time)

. . . there are other cookies too, some from Costco and some from Trader Joe’s, depending what I feel like.

. . . and candy. We usually have THESE around. We always have THESE.

Other quick candy hits might include jawbreakers, mints, or licorice. Not that crappy soft stuff that is fed to unsuspecting and unsophisticated kids.


We don’t usually have chips around, but when we do it’s these:


Those are all fine and good, but what is one to eat in-between snacks?

Usually, bread; French, Italian, or sourdough. Often plain, but just as likely to be adorned with appropriate toppings. I’ll even eat a toasted slice or two of 12-grain bread with a generous helping of honey. 

Today, on a lark I decided to prepare all my snacks ahead of time. Of course, it was after breakfast . . . which was after a banana and a piece of bread.

Here are my in-between meals snacks for the day . . . all gone now, and I’m a bit hungry, but I’ll try to hold off for a few hours until I go to bed.


OK, clockwise from the top left . . . a Kirkland grapefruit cup, a small Nutella sandwich and four small cookies (two different kinds), an apple, five crackers topped with pieces of pecorino cheese and a small sandwich of torta bread and pecorino cheese, and finally one slice of 12-grain bread cut in two for a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich plus two cookies. 

. . . I might sneak something before going to bed . . . probably a piece of bread. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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17 Responses to Laundry and Snacks

  1. Love the laundry…can you do mine next :)
    I’m hungry now…your wife should start a cooking blog :)


    • disperser says:

      I’m already in negotiations with my sister . . . right now, my rate sits at $600 (US) per hour with $425 (US) per hour for my assistant and personal snacks-maker, plus material costs, travel, and food expenses. I can start a waiting list if still interested.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. oneowner says:

    I’m afraid that if i did a post on my snacks it would not be nearly as interesting or photogenic as this. What’s more boring than a banana and a chill. Actually, the banana and chill is usually supper. Snacks are more likely to be fruit, pretzels, pepperoni on crakers or something that doesn’t require much in the way of preperation. Oh, you might be interested in this one: once or twice a week ill have half a can of garbanzo beans with Caesar dressing and Romano cheese. Don’t forget the Beano!


  3. mvschulze says:

    Seriously! The laundry room has my wife jealous, and as for the snacks – Melisa should open up a “Meet an Eat a Treat” store, high in Colorado! Looks incredibly good! M ( and J) :-)


    • disperser says:

      Well, I can definitely start a waiting list . . . I mentioned my rates in the comment above, but I must warn people that the longer they wait to get their names on the list, the higher the price will go . . . it’s called “supply and demand”; I demand, you supply.

      As for the food thing, Melisa is not interested in having any more contact with the public than I am. She did use to do the cooking demonstrations at William Sonoma, and that was a windfall for me since she practiced at home in preparation for the demos and classes.


  4. The laundry room looks great, Emilio! Love the upgrade on the laundry tub. After all that hard handy work you did, you deserved some snacks. And your snacks are top-notch! :-) We should all enjoy those healthy snacks of yours. ;-) I’m thinking Melisa has spoiled you…at least when it comes to her baking and snack-making. ;-) :-P But, it, also, seems like you are a snack-fixing-capable on your own. ;-) :-D
    That cheesy-bread has my mouth drooling! slurp :-D
    What you said about the time in between meals and the necessity of snacks made me laugh! :-D You are SO right! :-)
    Nutella-HUGS!!! :-)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. good thing I ate before reading this post!! Great fun!


  6. AnnMarie says:

    Mother and I really like that new laundry tub (putting it on our wish list for our next house). Since I had a hearty breakfast (tofu scrambler) before reading this blog, the photos are not having an effect on me . . . yet. And, I will be putting a package in the mail in the next few days with more licorice bags (I thought we had sent them to you already).


    • disperser says:

      Go ahead if you already bought them, but Walmart has them now for $1.25 per bag. I bought a few other flavors too, but they suck, so I won’t.

      ejd Sent from my not-so-brand-spanking new Samsung Galaxy Note II On Mar 25, 2015 9:23 AM, “Disperser Tracks” wrote:



  7. Nice job on the floor and the snacks. If I had snacks like this, I’d need a bigger door.


    • disperser says:

      Gym, six days a week.

      Also, constant eating lets your body know there is a constant supply of good food coming, and then it doesn’t worry about storing fat for the ‘lean’ times.

      Additionally, since the brain can use as much as 20% of the total energy consumption of your body, I also try to keep it busy as much as I can. So, I think a lot, and I don’t listen to . . . well, most of the human race.

      Finally, sleep . . . you burn a lot of calories during REM sleep, but not as much for the rest of the sleep cycle. I sleep less than most; in theory, depending who you listen to, I probably burn more on average during my wake time than my sleep time. My wake time used to be around 20 hours, but it’s currently around 21 . . . probably explains why I’ve gained a bit of weight over the years.


  8. Emily Scott says:

    I was right with you till the polenta and spam… oh lordy… I will have to tell my Italian colleague about that one. Wish I could get away with eating so many snacks. My sitting down all day job has me on monkey nuts and an orange today.


    • disperser says:

      I have no idea what monkey nuts are or taste like, and I don’t even want to know how they are harvested.

      When at my office job I ate more than I do now; it’s how I kept awake. The key to not gaining weight, for many years, was the many hours of racquetball each week and less than four hours sleep each night.

      Now it’s the gym every morning, and fewer snacks (yes; incredible as it may sound, I eat less now than I used to).

      About a month ago I came across some blue jeans I had purchased in the mid-90s.

      I don’t like wearing blue jeans when I go out . . . I prefer cargo pants. But I wear them while at home. I was surprised they still fit. Even more surprised I had not donated them.


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