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Dispenser breakfast

It’s been a while since I’ve done a breakfast (or other alimentary) post. There are three breakfasts I eat fairly regularly: Cheerios with walnuts and almonds and fruit (when available), oatmeal with cream cheese and two eggs, and scrambled eggs … Continue reading

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Disperser Does Breakfast Good

It’s been a while since I brought up breakfast.  . . . er . . . I don’t mean “brought up” as in, you know, fingers down the throat and aiming for the bucket. I mean, since I wrote about … Continue reading

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It’s a French Toast Sunday

I should be busy writing. It is, after all, NaNoWriMo month . . . wait, that’s redundant.  Regardless, the point is that if I aim to do partake in the challenge, I should be writing. And yet, I’ve got exactly zero … Continue reading

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In Alaska

I like Alaska. This is my third visit here. The first was in 2001. At that time, we rented a motor home and tooled around covering 2,200 miles of roads. Our second visit was via a cruise (documented in this … Continue reading

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Best Hamburger . . . and Malasadas

When we lived in Michigan, our favorite hamburger was the Big C. You can read a bit about Clyde’s and the three-quarters-pounder burger HERE and HERE. The Big C was a five hours drive from where we lived, but it … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2016 Follow-up

This is the follow-up to the previous post. For them who can’t be bothered to go back and read it, the meal below is called a Super Loco and consists of two eggs atop a hamburger pattie atop a bed … Continue reading

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Internetless and Super Loco

This is the third day of our one week without the Internet. It seemed as if it would be a breeze . . . But I’m here to tell you just how much the internet insinuated itself into our lives. … Continue reading

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