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I missed a day . . .

. . . and the opportunity to remind readers of the “D” short stories offerings and to vote for your favorite of the ”D” stories HERE. Realistically, the second week of voting is a bust and these reminders are nothing … Continue reading

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Note 8, Snapseed, Photoshop Mix, and Pixlr Pastiche

I take a lot of photos with my Samsung Note 8 but despite my best intentions, I’m way behind in sharing them. This post attempts to make up for some of that . . . except you won’t see the … Continue reading

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Non-idle hands, and all that

Sometimes life has one sit and wait for stuff to happen. Like, for instance, a few times this week. Well, then, one takes out their Note 8 — if one has a Note 8 — and snaps a few photos. … Continue reading

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Birds I’ve not photographed

Another quick post. Needed a few minutes to take the weight of the world of my shoulders and unwind. These are painted on the outside wall of a United States Post Office contractor office . . . Like a regular … Continue reading

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Statues and Pipes

So, I’m waiting for a flight and thought I’d play with some photos. I’ll show the before and after. You should be able to click on them for a larger version of each but since I’m composing this on the … Continue reading

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Quick Hurricane Lane Update

While various parts of the Big Island have been affected by the hurricane (flooding), here in Kona it’s been mostly a non-event. FYI, I’m writing this a number of hours before it goes live. There were some unusually higher waves … Continue reading

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Some ferns and a drawing

In early May, we visited the Volcano House at the Volcano National Park (both now closed because of the ongoing oozing of toxic gasses and lava). Whenever I’m there, I stop right outside the entrance and snap a few photos. This … Continue reading

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