PC be down again . . .

. . . but I still find stuff to do using my trusty Samsung Note 8, its camera, its stylus, Pixlr, Snapseed, and a complete lack of talent (on my part; not the Note 8).

First up, a couple of doodle variations I’d done before but forgot to include in previous posts . . .

To some, these may seem the same ones I showed before . . . but they’re not.

Or, are they? I guess the only way anyone can answer that question is to reread — thoroughly reread — the previous hundred posts, or so.

Or, you can just accept derivative works as unique.

A few days ago, we went for a walk down the street from the complex where we now rent. I had my P900 with me (clipped to my belt . . . I’ll do a post about that soon) but ended up only using the Samsung Note 8.

I could not believe I’d never noticed this before . . .

That’s a relief mural decorating the front of a condominium complex in Ali’i drive. I’m either much less observant than I think or that’s relatively new. Perhaps, both.

Here’s another version of it . . .

The first version is closer to what it looked like (it was slightly overcast) but I like the second version better.

Along the way, I photographed a few flowers.

The last one is particularly striking because of the pale accent around the bright red center.

I tried a silk version of it . . .

. . . and then a “pop” version with a bit if a glow.

I like the last one, but some will say the original is better. I won’t argue because they’re different and should be judged on their individual merits. That’s also a good practice when it comes to people.

Yup . . . another doodle and you know I’m going to play with various looks, right?

Here’s the first . . .

Bold, they said. Striking, they proclaimed.

Not sure who “they” are but I just bumped the contrast and saturation.

I did try a B&W conversion . . .

But wasn’t thrilled with it. Then again, I didn’t put much effort into it. Instead, I played with negatives and colors.

I noticed some color combination gave a hint of depth . . . so I went to town with it . . .

I’m not sure how they’ll show on your device, but on the phone there’s definitively an illusion of depth.

A strong one, at that.

Lastly, I played with the “live message” function. It’s meant for quick doodles you can include with text messages but I use it for generating random GIF files with it. Usually, they’re too large to send via text which is weird because I would assume the program wouldn’t let you generate stuff it couldn’t use. But, what do I know? Nothing. Me and Schultz; we know nothing!

Well, we have to run a few errands so I’ll stop right here.

Hope this was an enjoyable interlude for you, dear readers . . . It was for me.

About disperser

Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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14 Responses to PC be down again . . .

  1. You really need to get yourself a hobby Emilio, something to take your mind??? off of the same ol’ same ol’ stuff

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  2. Eddy Winko says:

    When the money runs out I think you will have a future in designing tie-dye material.

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  3. ‘Tis an enjoyable interlude!
    That relief mural is cool!
    Great doodles, Emilio! I can’t pick a fav this time! I enjoy all of them!
    When I look at them I think of butterflies, flowers, and jewels!
    Love your moving “doodling”! Especially the fireworks ones! Cool movement!
    HA! “Schultz” as in Sergeant Hans Schultz?!
    Sorry to hear the PC be down again.
    HUGS!!! :-)

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    • disperser says:

      Let’s see, in order:

      Thank you.
      Yes, it is. I’ll be taking better photos of it.
      Thanks; I like them all myself.
      I just see colors and patterns, but that’s fine and I’m glad others see stuff they like.
      I do like the GIFs with the sparkles. I’ll have to come up with various interesting ones.
      Yes; he and I know nothing; nothing!
      Just had to move it for a bit; it will be up again soon.
      Thanks, and hope you have a great week.

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    • Hi Emilio,

      I concur with doesitevenmatter3. You are indeed very creative. Moreover, if you do create something that well demonstrates (the effects of) optical illusion, I would feature it in my special post at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2017/09/28/optical-illusions/


      • disperser says:

        The only illusion I can reliably demonstrate is the illusion of being creative. Even that is hit and miss. For instance, my writing is mostly “miss” but it can appear creative in small doses.

        Realistically, none of my illusions are transportable. My stuff can only be appreciated if one has read at least 837 of my 1,854 posts. Also, there are seven crucial posts that can’t be missed or everything I do looks like crap (hence why so many subscribe and are then never heard from again). And no, I don’t like divulging the crucial posts because that would give me an unfair advantage over other bloggers.

        I like to think I offer a pretty good illusion of humor but it works only when readers indulge in some alcohol or other mind-altering drugs ahead of exploring my blog. Or, if they’re super-smart . . . and prone to flattery.

        An illusion of intelligence occasionally makes an appearance but that’s a trick achieved by the use of many unique words. In technical terms, a varied vocabulary. For the cognoscenti, also known as an erudite vocabulary. Mind you, I seldom know the etymology or even meanings of unusual words, but then neither do most readers (they just assume I do and that I’m using the words correctly; hence the illusion).

        Finally, I offer the illusion of modesty through the use of obvious false modesty. It’s something like reverse reverse-psychology. It’s my own invention and it’s quite a trick but, again, not something that can be quantified, packaged, or transported. It barely works here and when it does, it’s mostly due to very forgiving — and very smart — readers.

        However, I thank you for the offer. Readers should check that post out . . . lots of good stuff there.

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  4. renxkyoko says:

    It was enjoyable, especially the fireworks images.

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  5. AnnMarie says:

    No doubt about it, your doodles are reaching “artwork” status! Love your live messages!!!

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