PC be down again . . .

. . . but I still find stuff to do using my trusty Samsung Note 8, its camera, its stylus, Pixlr, Snapseed, and a complete lack of talent (on my part; not the Note 8).

First up, a couple of doodle variations I’d done before but forgot to include in previous posts . . .

To some, these may seem the same ones I showed before . . . but they’re not.

Or, are they? I guess the only way anyone can answer that question is to reread — thoroughly reread — the previous hundred posts, or so.

Or, you can just accept derivative works as unique.

A few days ago, we went for a walk down the street from the complex where we now rent. I had my P900 with me (clipped to my belt . . . I’ll do a post about that soon) but ended up only using the Samsung Note 8.

I could not believe I’d never noticed this before . . .

That’s a relief mural decorating the front of a condominium complex in Ali’i drive. I’m either much less observant than I think or that’s relatively new. Perhaps, both.

Here’s another version of it . . .

The first version is closer to what it looked like (it was slightly overcast) but I like the second version better.

Along the way, I photographed a few flowers.

The last one is particularly striking because of the pale accent around the bright red center.

I tried a silk version of it . . .

. . . and then a “pop” version with a bit if a glow.

I like the last one, but some will say the original is better. I won’t argue because they’re different and should be judged on their individual merits. That’s also a good practice when it comes to people.

Yup . . . another doodle and you know I’m going to play with various looks, right?

Here’s the first . . .

Bold, they said. Striking, they proclaimed.

Not sure who “they” are but I just bumped the contrast and saturation.

I did try a B&W conversion . . .

But wasn’t thrilled with it. Then again, I didn’t put much effort into it. Instead, I played with negatives and colors.

I noticed some color combination gave a hint of depth . . . so I went to town with it . . .

I’m not sure how they’ll show on your device, but on the phone there’s definitively an illusion of depth.

A strong one, at that.

Lastly, I played with the “live message” function. It’s meant for quick doodles you can include with text messages but I use it for generating random GIF files with it. Usually, they’re too large to send via text which is weird because I would assume the program wouldn’t let you generate stuff it couldn’t use. But, what do I know? Nothing. Me and Schultz; we know nothing!

Well, we have to run a few errands so I’ll stop right here.

Hope this was an enjoyable interlude for you, dear readers . . . It was for me.