Statues and Pipes

So, I’m waiting for a flight and thought I’d play with some photos.

I’ll show the before and after. You should be able to click on them for a larger version of each but since I’m composing this on the phone, I don’t know what I’ll end up with.

Here are the dancers (landscape version) . . .

That’s not too bad. Dawn was just breaking and the light was poor.

Here’s the processed version (edited with Snapseed and resized with Pixlr) . . .

Personal preference dictates what people like.

Here’s another version . . .

That’s the original. Here’s the processed version.

When I’m not sure about the framing I typically take multiple shots switching from landscape to portrait orientation.

Here’s the portrait original . . .

And here’s the processed version:

Notice I cropped the photo. Again, a matter of preference. Others might have chosen different crop dimensions.

Next up, the pipes . . .

They stuck me as interesting . . . Here’s my first attempt . . .

I thought the photo lent itself to a gritty treatment.

This next one version, a little less.

. . . and this is somewhere in between (maybe . . . The terminal is pretty bright and I’m keeping the screen brightness on low to conserve the battery’s charge).

Anyway, that’s it. Here’s a random bonus photo or whatever it is.

That’s it; imagine the usual disclaimer here.