My mother’s cross-stitch projects — Part 3

A conversation between my sister and diem3 had me remember the photos I snapped of my mother’s cross-stitch projects.

I should clarify . . . in Part 1<<link, I identified her work as needlepoint, but it’s cross-stitch. I corrected that in Part 2<<link, but I repeat it here.

OK, cross-stitch . . . here’s a description (LINK) and here’s a bit of history (LINK) and some stitches (LINK).

The last cross-stitch post had mostly Christmas related projects . . . . not this time . . .

Again, it might be helpful to step back from the screen to appreciate the picture. Up close, you can see the stitches.

Here, let me help . . .

The rest of today’s photos are of birds . . . cross-stitch birds. Here’s the gallery with both large and small versions of the projects.:

Meet the artist

That’s my mother, posing with one of the pieces showcased in Part 1<<link, of this series.

I don’t often speak of my family other than in passing but know I get my sense of humor from my mother, as well as a desire for knowledge, my enjoyment of reading, music, fiction, and movies.

Our tastes have diverged over the years, but she laid the foundation for what I appreciate in life. Her name is Nives (Italian form of NIEVES, meaning “snow” in Spanish).

As for all my bad traits, those I developed on my own.

Readers might remember this piece from the previous post . . .

I have a photo of the piece in a frame, but I can’t find it. I mean, I know I snapped the photo, but somehow, it’s hiding from me. I have a photo I got from my sister that I can share, and if I ever come across my version of it, I’ll add it here.

The piece looks very nice in the frame.

And here’s my mother working on it . . .

If my eyes are not playing tricks on me, I’ll take credit for mounting that craft stand onto a stable platform.

Here is the pattern for the piece with the threads used for the project . . . Note: clicking on the photo will open a 4MB original for them who want to see details of the threads.

Here’s a gallery of the above works:

If you want to see details, the SmugMug gallery is at this LINK.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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