A few Kona waves in slow-motion

I mentioned I’d walked to the shore a couple of times. Snapped me some decent photos (which I can’t share because — whaaa! — I ain’t got my PC to download them. However, I did record a few videos with the Samsung Note 8.

One thing to note with these videos is they’re shot after sunset. In fact, well after sunset. I was surprised the captures worked as well as they did. Remember to watch them in HD.

This first video is the longest, clocking in at 2:32 . . . but you can choose to speed it up using the settings. Or, you can choose to skip it altogether. 

They are not large waves . . . or are they? There’s no sense of scale here. For all viewers know, those rocks are hundreds of feet tall and the waves tower over them. 

Alas, they aren’t and they don’t. I figure most of these were in the 4-5 feet range. 

The reason I was out there is that the canoe replica was supposed to leave Kona around that time. What canoe replica, you ask?

Like me, you’ll have to wait for the answer until I get the PC up and running.

Notice that as the light gets poorer, the quality of the videos deteriorates . . . but still pretty good when you consider that I could hardly see. Obviously, the HDR function in the camera is better than the HDR capability of my eyes. 

Also, as the effect of the sun lessened, the wind began to slow and the waves began to subside. 

There were three more videos after this next one but the light had, by then, packed up and done left me there with my camera shooting vague white shapes that must have been waves breaking but that — for all I knew given the sound — were banshees making susurrant noises as they ambled onshore from the depths of the ocean.

However, we did go back there yesterday evening before sunset and managed one good capture. 

Those were the last two waves before the ocean quieted down. 

It seems odd posting nothing but videos . . . here’s a photo from Florida, the Pensacola beach. It looks like a golden pineapple, but it’s actually a young palm.

Here’s a crystal/gold pineapple from a post long ago . . . 

Miniature Pineapple - Macro Photography + Blended Layers
Miniature Pineapple – Macro Photography + Blended Layers
Miniature Pineapple - Macro Photography + Blended Layers
Miniature Pineapple – Macro Photography + Blended Layers

That’s from my blended layer post (HERE).

Here’s some music before I go (what I’m listening to right now) . . . great music but a lousy movie:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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