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Fifty Years Ago On A Sea Far, Far Away

I’m reasonably certain anyone wanting their fill of Apollo 11 has been thoroughly satisfied with the coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. I vaguely remember it but — as I’ve mentioned before — to my then 16-year-old … Continue reading

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Moon Reflections

Last month, on a clear night, next to a gently lapping lake, the moon offered up a visual treat as it danced on the uneven water surface.  I had a particular version of this image in mind . . . … Continue reading

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Quick October Moon

I showed this photo in a previous post . . .  That was hand-held and a week ago. Tonight, I went out and shot the moon (not the way that sounds) using my tripod. Very rarely do I use a … Continue reading

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I’m busy, honest!

To some, it may look like I’m slacking off in my posting. Well, I’m here to tell you that once you retire, you’ll find time just slips through your fingers. Whereas I used to be able to do a lot … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

One of the reasons you can tell that it’s a lazy Sunday is that the titular post goes live on Monday. Oh, well . . . whatcha gonna do.  Notice: photos of spiders later in this post.  FYI, as usual, click … Continue reading

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Shooting the Moon II – Nikon P900

This is a really short post. Enjoy.   Last night and tonight I stepped out again to shoot the moon. Again, hand-held and at 2000mm (83x zoom). This next shot is a stacked image from four sequential shots taken last … Continue reading

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Shooting the Moon – Nikon P900

This is an uncharacteristically short post. Enjoy.   On July 28th, 2010, 5:28 am (Colorado time) I shot what is probably the best of all the moon photos I’ve taken. Here are two versions of the same photo, shot with … Continue reading

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