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Now, then . . . meteors. This was the headline from one news outlet for the Tau Herculids meteor shower (May 30th or May 31, depending on your time zone): The most powerful meteor storm in GENERATIONS could light up skies above North America – but NASA cautions it will be an ‘all or nothing event’. Others, like THIS article from Australia, were more measured (and informative).

The weather was looking iffy for my location, but at around 11 pm — about 45 minutes before the show was scheduled to begin — the sky cleared up. Not crystal clear, but clear enough.

The above was the second photo I took at the time it was supposed to start. It’s very faint, but if you enlarge the photo and zoom in, you can see a diagonal trace in the lower right quadrant of the picture.

It’s more visible if processed differently . . .

For them not interested in reading, you can see the photos in THIS SmugMug Gallery.  

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I came across THIS site and instantly reawakened my interest in astronomical observations.

Er . . . I don’t mean making my tremendously insightful, wise, and deep commentaries on the nature of the Universe and Humans  in particular.

No, I mean looking at objects inhabiting our Universe, specifically those observable after the sun sets and with clear skies. You know; Moon, stars, UFOs.

I know, I know, I don’t need yet another hobby intruding and diluting my efforts in all my other hobbies. But, that’s the difference between obsession and hobby; the time, the effort, and depth one devotes to the hobby in question. But, I digress.

Lok at this (unprocessed photo) taken on January 14, 2019, while on my Panama cruise. For them interested, Latitude: 9:58:13.7, Longitude: 84:49:50.06. My altitude? It’s listed as 28.2 and I think it’s meters because I was on the balcony of our cabin on the Coral Princess and 28.2 feet is too low. I could be wrong, and it could be some other unit of measure.

Original (as shot) moon during the day (1:05 pm)