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Yes, I’m still here.

It may not seem like it, but I still maintain and occasionally contribute to this blog. I probably shouldn’t as things seem to pile up faster than I can unpile them, but this is my relaxation. Writing is too, but … Continue reading

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Travel Log – September 11, 2013

We left home earlier than planned.  Some idiot set the alarm wrong, and consequently we woke up later than we planned.  Because of it, we did not go to the gym for our regular workout, and since we had planned … Continue reading

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Devil’s Tower, North Dakota Raid, and Drive Home

We headed out of Sundance (WY), heading West on US-14.  Our destination, Devil’s Tower, is a US National Monument.   Clouds began to occupy the sky even as we made our way there, and caused me to wonder what they were … Continue reading

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The Wyoming Steppe and Sundance

Because I am pressed for time, I decided to split last week’s trip report into two posts, with the first half dealing with the “going there” part. “What trip is he talking about?” “Did they go somewhere?” “Who are you, … Continue reading

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Impromptu Trip – Devil’s Tower, Sundance, and North Dakota

Folks might have noticed a lack of participation on my part during the last few days.  No blogging, no e-mails, no snarky comments, no FaceBook . . . but before a National Day of Thanks could be set up, I’m … Continue reading

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D’Alise Daily News – Volume MMIV, Issue XII

Following the massive success of my last post, I continue by posting my second effort to update friends and family of what was scheduled to transpire in late December 2004.  The interview format was “been there, done that”, and I … Continue reading

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Photography Stuff – Panoramas

When I remember, and the subject warrants it, I take panorama shots.  Some cameras do this automatically these days, but you can easily take decent panorama shots with the camera you have. One can read a lot about how to do … Continue reading

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