Following the difficulties of my last Vimeo videos publishing effort, I tweaked the settings on the Vimeo side of things to see if it will improve my experience here. The thing is, I’m starting with wide-open everything, and that’s not what I want.

What I want is to restrict where videos can be embedded and only visible to people with links. Unfortunately, about half the time WordPress’s Vimeo block pisses all over my efforts. So, I’m trying settings I really don’t want to see if I can cajole the caca Block Editor into playing nice.

Another quick post because I’m tired and need to get up early . . .

So, we were worried that something might have happened to the doe, but earlier we saw one of the fawns running toward the North side of our house. Odd that, because they are more likely to run away from the house.

It turned out the doe was there, and the other fawn was already getting some milk, and the runner didn’t want to miss out.

These shots are all through glass blinds, glass, and screen, so they are less-than-optimal . . . but, again, the Note 20 did a pretty good job. These are only lightly retouched in Lightroom. See what I did there? . . . lightly . . . Lightroom . . . ah, nevermind.

Just a quick post because I’m tired and need to get up early . . .

I’ve been driving by this car for a few years now. Sometimes I notice it, often, I don’t.

When I notice it, I’m always too far along to stop, and I promise myself “next time!”

Well, the next time was four days ago. It was a rainy day, which is just about perfect for photographing something that bright.