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Random observations and tiny rants

Ideas, opinions, and insight into the human condition stem from the flow of sensory and cognitive inputs crossing the path I travel. Occasionally, I feel like sharing them. The opinions, not the inputs; look up your own data. Yup! Another … Continue reading

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Four Hundred and Forty-One Days

That’s how long I waited for a rejection to a story I submitted on December 19, 2015. I waited that long because — on the off chance it was accepted — it would have a lot of exposure.  That brings … Continue reading

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I was bored . . .

. . . so I played around with a few photos.  As the caption says, that was taken in Yellowstone National Park in 2013.  This next version of it was processed in onOne Effects.

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Hawaiʻi – Laupahoehoe Beach Park in Black and White

A few of my readers like B&W photos. A few like Color photos. A few like both color and b&w renditions of photos. I done used to put everything in one post, but the eyes can play tricks when you … Continue reading

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Sunday with my thoughts – 13NOV2016

It is now been five days since the election gave us the Orange Kumquat. Some say I should respect the office of President, and not use denigrating names. Hey! He started the name calling! Not only does he lead by … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo 2016 – here we go again

The middle of October. Around this time, people are making their plans to partake in the NaNoWriMo 2016. Some are making outlines. Some are roughing out characters. Some are doing research. Some are forming writing groups, support groups, challenge groups, … Continue reading

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The better hummingbird

The main reason for yesterday’s post was to showcase the processing of a hummingbird using Topaz’s Impression and Glow Plugins. Sure, I added words in there. That’s because my readers are split into two camps. Some just come for the words … Continue reading

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