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Playing with Topaz A. I. GigaPixel

In the previous post, I showed this photo that was generated by taking a small photo, enlarging it using Topaz A. I. GigaPixel, and then cropping it to what you see.  I was sufficiently impressed that I wanted to try … Continue reading

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Photography Stuff – Part Four: let’s talk zoom

This is primarily about photography. Also, many photos are full-size and will load slow. Did you read that? It’s a warning that it could load slow. So, don’t tell me about it; I already know. If you’re not interested about … Continue reading

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More birds . . . and photography stuff

So, I’m practicing shooting birds . . . er . . . photographing birds. I’m looking forward to capturing . . . er . . . photographing Red-tailed Hawks again, but, the thing is, I’m out of practice photographing birds.   … Continue reading

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Topaz A. I. Gigapixel

Note: due to the nature of this post (comparing large files) it may load slow. Go get a coffee or something after reading this; it’ll give the images a chance to load (unless you have a fast internet; in that … Continue reading

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