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It’s a strange turn of events when conservatives and liberals fringes agree on the same solution to problems they share . . . and it’s not a good thing. 

You see, both object to the expression of ideas they don’t agree with, be they spoken or in writing; both claim to be offended by said ideas; both refuse to debate the merits or faults of said ideas, and both insist the only path in response to the self-proclaimed harm done to their fragile psyche is through legislation barring the expression of what they deem offensive.

As Tim Urban eloquently states, this is not how grown-ups act. He’s wrong, of course, because these days, that is exactly how grown-ups act. 

Do you know what’s different between immature petulant kids and many adults these days?

Many of today’s bitter arguments, nee discussions, are on issues that allow — no, demand — only binary answers: Yes, No, Right, Wrong, True, False.

Isn’t it true that surgeons cut patients and sometimes cause patients to die?

Yes, but—

NO BUTS! Surgeons are awful people!

Everyone recognizes the weakness of the argument. It may well be surgeons are awful people, but for reasons completely independent from them cutting into and mucking about in people’s insides.

That extreme example exemplifies the level of debate for many contentious issues.

Abortion and guns are two issues that come to mind; issues framed as being binary but aren’t.