Yesterday I posted a sunrise photo that looked like the sky was on fire. That photo was from 2011. I got out of my subdivision on my way to work when I noticed the sky. I pulled over and snapped twenty or so photos.

Yes, I modified that photo, but not much. This next gallery shows the photos as they came out of the camera (no postprocessing) . . .

It doesn’t take much to change them into fiery scenes . . . a bit of DxO PureRaw, some Luminar AI, and a heap of Topaz Impression 2.

One of the advantages of traveling is . . . you don’t follow the news as much. 

The consequence is that I miss out on a whole lot of indignation and consternation. I mean, sure, I get the peripheral noise of people screaming about this or that or TEOTWAWKI but functionally, none of it affects any portion of my life. 

Also, invariably, something which everyone screamed was an immediate concern a month ago is forgotten within a week. Many other things of immediate concerns happened between then and now . . . and still, none of them affected my life. 

The buds don’t care, either. And here’s the funny — or not so funny — stuff about it all. None of the associated dire predictions came true. None. 

For the vast majority of the people, not only did nothing happen, but none of it was of any consequence to them. It kinda makes one wonder why so many were so worked up about it to begin with . . . I mean, I’m sure it can’t be healthy, physically or psychologically. 

Our exercise routine used to be thus: 1.5 hours at the gym on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Sometimes we’d get in additional walking. The 1.5 hours were split between free weights, aerobics (rowing for me), and weight machines. 

We’ve now been traveling for a shade over two months . . . that’s a major disruption of our routine. But, it’s not just a disruption of our exercise routine . . . traveling also disrupts other routines. Like my eating routine.

Yes, I’m trying to tell you, my readers, that I’ve increased in mass. How much? I don’t know. Remember this photo?

I originally posted it as a joke but I know I’ve put on some weight because of how my clothes fit. 

Another component of my routine was a weighing in, each day at the same time. That provided me with data as far as when to increase my workout or decrease my eating or both. 

I don’t have a scale but I know my clothes. 

So, the other morning one of my painful calf cramps woke me up. When I experience a cramp, I now react with vigor to try and get rid of it before it morphs into a repeat of what happened four years ago (torn muscles, a visit to the Emergency Room, ultrasounds, physical rehabilitation for a month, and more than four months before I was near 95% again). 

That means a cramp has me now immediately jump out of bed and forcing myself to walk and flex muscles and moves bones as normally as possible . . . successful, I was, at averting another Big One but with the unwanted result of becoming fully awake. Not a big deal except I’d been up late and the event cut my normal five hours of sleep to a tad less than four hours. 

. . . but, there was one benefit to being up early . . .