The previous bird post covered the American robin. Today, I have a few more birds . . . but first a quick update on one of the robins. Remember I mentioned dI thought one of them was building a nest in the holly shrub? I looked a few times and despite the shrub being relatively small, I didn’t see anything . . . until the other day.

Shot with the Note 8

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Anyway, yesterday I showcased the Common Grackle. Today, a few — very few — photos of other birds.

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I’ve kept pretty busy . . . rather, being a homeowner has kept me pretty busy. Still, I had the opportunity (I took the opportunity) to snap a few photos . . . like, maybe 400 photos or so . . . and fifty or so videos. 

It will take me a while to find the time to process them all but I want to show a preview — give a taste, so to speak — of stuff to come. Don’t worry; only thirty photos or so. And a few videos. And some music I like.

There is no SmugMug Gallery for this preview but there will be when I do the individual posts. For now, you can click on the photos for a larger version. 

That, my dear readers, is a heron frogging in the small drainage ditch bordering the North side of our yard. I mean, I thought he (or she) was an idiot because I know there are no fish in that stream . . . but he (or she) had a taste for frog legs and knew where to find them. Unfortunately, my camera battery died a few seconds before he caught a frog and ate it.