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A November Sunday Walk – video edition

When I published the Photo Version of this walk, I had considered posting a few of the associated videos along with the photos . . . but I didn’t. I now share those videos along with the following warning.  This post … Continue reading

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Just passing time

I almost have the writing bug again. Almost, but not right now. I do have two ideas that are rattling around my brain, but they need to jell a bit more. Interesting side story . . . both ideas came to … Continue reading

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Nikon P900 vs. Samsung Note 8 – slow motion shootout

So, here’s the thing . . . I knew the P900 had slow motion. I mean, I’d read it had slow motion capabilities. But, I’m old. I’m old, and I have a lot on my mind. Stuff like where’s the … Continue reading

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It’s a French Toast Sunday

I should be busy writing. It is, after all, NaNoWriMo month . . . wait, that’s redundant.  Regardless, the point is that if I aim to do partake in the challenge, I should be writing. And yet, I’ve got exactly zero … Continue reading

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A S-l-o-o-w Hummers Post . . . .

Probably all phones do, but my Note II takes both fast-motion and slow-motion videos.   Fast-motion is not very useful for filming hummingbirds, but slow-motion is. Mind you, this is not a Photron SA2 camera (make sure you switch to … Continue reading

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