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Old Hawk and Reminder to Vote

Twenty-three visitors viewed the 1500 words challenge post but only two voted. I mean, I get it; it was a holiday. An eating holiday, at that. In retrospect, that wasn’t what one might call good timing. Same for today; people … Continue reading

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Photos Makeover

All this makeover of books and posters had me thinking about the advances in photo processing over the last few years. And not just in the software, but also how I evolved in my processing preferences and skills.  Take, for … Continue reading

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There’s still a bit to do, but the hard work is finished. This next shot is from Saturday after I finished putting up the new moulding in the laundry room. Sunday morning I had me one of my made-up breakfasts . … Continue reading

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American Kestrel and Red-tailed Hawk

I have a slight remnant of the cold that has been beating me up for nearly two weeks. I also have the urge to go out and take some photographs. Mind you, it’s not like I’m running short on photographs. … Continue reading

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Red-Tailed Hawk – February 2013

Longtime readers of my blog know of, but perhaps have forgotten, my propensity for photographing hawks.  Specifically, Red-tailed hawks, and more specifically, along one of two places; County Line Road, and Powers Blvd. The thing is, I’ve not photographed any … Continue reading

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Stupid Mistakes Frustrate Amateur Photographer

I’m used to photographing hawks . . . or thought I was.   This is a tale of how stupid mistakes make you lose important shots.  The above hawk was photographed on county line on March 30th. It’s been a … Continue reading

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The Two Hours Drives – Part 1: The Hawks and The Silo

Nearly all of the photographs I share in these posts are what I call “incidental”.  Incidental photographs are those I take while on my way home, on my way to work, out running chores, etc.  Meaning, the primary task at … Continue reading

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