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Every morning, we walk at the Old Kona Airport recreation area. I’ve written about it before but for them who forgot, our usual walk is 4.5 miles. If we don’t go to the gym, we add another 2 miles to the walk. It’s usually always hot.

Sometimes last year, likely around August, I started freezing soaked rags and taking them with us on our walks. The first set of rags go around our necks after the first lap of the tarmac. The second set of rags get deployed during the third lap. At the end of the third lap, we’re back at our car and we go onto the walking path lined with flowers, maintained by volunteers. 

Just before getting onto the path, I would wring out the first rag onto whatever plant (usually a weed) that looked like it could use the water. Around the middle of September, I noticed a plant on one of the lava rocks serving as a boundary between the tarmac and the walking path, and I started watering it, every day. 

By early October, it looked like this:

I had found that little bear on the tarmac and decided to repurpose it as decoration for “my plant.”

This is the story of my plant from then until the end of June, a few days ago.