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Doctor’s Office, Weather, and Pikes Peak

So, an eye doctor’s appointment offered respite from our busy moving preparations.  One of the things I will miss once we move is the sight of Pikes Peak, visible from many sites around Colorado Springs and vicinity.  All of the photos on … Continue reading

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Samsung Note II – Photo Processing Comparison

The previous post drew a few compliments for the quality of the photos. Well, gosh . . . it’s obviously my immense talent, vision, dedication, and overall niceness as a human being that gets them there results. Although . . … Continue reading

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Visiting Colorado

Some, probably not many, might have noticed my absence from the blogosphere and the Internet in general. My sister visited for a week, and there was much travel, eating, Firefly watching, and refrigerator shopping (my current fridge is beyond repair … Continue reading

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Second Sunrise – Woodland Park

I live at an altitude of 7,327 feet . . . my drive to work took me down to about 5,970 feet, and then back up to about 8,500 feet.  Depending on the time of year, I could witness two … Continue reading

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Pikes Peak – March 2006

Eight years and a week ago we were up the side of Pikes Peak without a paddle (we hardly ever travel with one). That’s right, we were traveling the Pikes Peak Highway, heading up to the Devil’s Playground area. What … Continue reading

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Photo and the Flash – No. 5

First up, the photo . . . That’s a photo from our first few months in Colorado.  At the time, with all our stuff in storage back in Michigan, we lived in an furnished apartment at University Park.  It was … Continue reading

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The Big Dump 2012 – Looking Up

I tend to look up a lot.  Perhaps it’s the hope of finding an escape from this rock, a portal that briefly opens up and offers us the change to leave all the crap, and travel to a better world … Continue reading

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The Moon and Pikes Peak – June 2012

It seems June of each year presents interesting opportunities to photograph the moon, and this year is no different. The dawn was just breaking, and giving the sky a neat appearance.  Some of that can be attributed to the clouds. … Continue reading

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My ADAY.ORG Contribution

As I mentioned on a previous post, I signed up to contribute to the aday.org effort to document life around the world using pictures.  All pictures were to be shot on May 15, 2012. I did not realize there was a … Continue reading

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Pikes Peak and I

In 2006 The Gazette of Colorado Springs held an essay and photo contest for Pikes Peak Centennial celebration (a brief history of Pikes Peak HERE).  New to the area, I had, as I do now, a profound fascination with Pikes … Continue reading

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A miscellaneous look back

We’ve just entered July, and it seems incredible half of 2011 has slipped from being full of future promises into being a repository of opportunities lost.   This post exists because I have some lingering pictures that don’t fit into … Continue reading

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Moonset over Pikes Peak

Continuing on the full moon motif, on May 18th I stopped at the US Air Force Academy overlook because the moon and Pikes Peak presented me with a great scene. There was a thin layer of clouds giving the scene … Continue reading

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February’s End Part 2: Ute Pass and Freezing Mist

This could qualify as my lamest post ever, so I decided to spruce it up with some videos.  That’s right; you hear me correctly.  Videos.  But yeah, there are still pictures. The pictures for this short post are at this … Continue reading

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2010 – The Year in Pictures

Those who read my posts already know I take a lot of pictures.  Most of them end up in albums that are linked through these posts.  Almost all can be found at SmugMug, but even with as many pictures as … Continue reading

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Month of May: Early Morning PP

As usual, still way behind on my photograph processing and posting.    However, I had some time and processed the May photographs, and this is the second in a number of posts linking to the on-line albums showcasing my meager photographic … Continue reading

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