“Hmm,” readers are saying. Project 313 had 313 posts (duh!) and these posts cover ten posts at a time. That means … carry the one … HOLY CRAP! There’s gonna be at least thirty-one of these?”

And here me thinking readers can’t do math . . . anyway, they’re wrong. Some of the posts are fairly long, so I cover fewer of them at one time. That means there will be more than thirty-one posts.

Anyway, we’re at Post No. 021. Remember how I said that upcoming posts would be short? Well, I lied . . . we’re actually entering a string of fairly lengthy posts. Post No. 021 is actually one of the shorter posts I’m covering today. It deals with ponderings about Art (again, the result of creative processes and not a guy name Art), quantity versus quality, and the problem of letting bloggers know you visited without engaging too much.

In Post No. 022, I bemoan the state of the Internet, and specifically Google. At that time, Google was obviously heading toward being an evil corporation. Now, four years later, it’s made it, and then some.

What is Critical Thinking? Well, Post No. 23 explains it using Spam. I mean Spam as the delicious and healthy food stuff, and not spam as the tons of emails one gets, all offering the secret to all that is good in the world for three easy payments of $19.99. But wait! act now, and they’ll also throw in — for free — the secret to all that is mediocre in the world.

We’ve established revisiting the Project 313 offerings is primarily an exercise in laziness, but it’s also because I’m busy with stuff. Ain’t ‘stuff’ a great word? I use it for all manner of things since it can encompass pretty much anything.

So, where were we? Ah, yes . . . we’re approaching the teens. Post No. 011 and Post No. 012 are short offerings. Aside from the photos, cartoons, and doodles, there are few words, but, even if succinct, you’ll find quirky takes on both pressing and mundane topics.

In Post No. 013, I comment on what — four years later — is still a common issue with ‘newer’ blogs, although I’ve encountered the same thing in some longer-running blogs. What is it?

You should click on the link and read the post, but, in brief, it’s the lack of — or, incomplete — ‘About’ page. Why does this matter?

I mentioned the Doves doing what Doves do . . . and they done did it under my nose. Well, not literally but I was too slow in denying them a nesting spot in my gutters.

By the way, them not interested in reading what I write can go directly to . . . the SmugMug Gallery HERE.  

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