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Writing update apology

Yesterday, I wrote a piece on writing. From the comments, I gather some readers felt the need to encourage me, to shore me up, as it were. Perhaps they even felt sorry for me. While I appreciate their concern, I … Continue reading

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A more deliberate update

Warning: long and uninterestingly rambling post below. Might even contain personal opinions and a bunch of photos. I’ve been letting blog posting slide a bit as I deal with certain stuff. Some of it, but not all, relates to writing.  … Continue reading

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I considered splitting this up into smaller posts, but wanted to see if I could break my own record for the longest, most diverse, and difficult-to-read post.  This will surely tax the determination and fortitude of most readers. Here goes … Continue reading

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Back Home

So, surgery went OK, and currently home.  I’m writing this on my Droid using Swype.  Fairly impressed I can write using just my left thumb while propping the phone up on my chest. They repaired a quarter size tear, anchoring … Continue reading

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