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Again hummingbird, and a reminder about “H” stories voting

Maybe one more voting day left (and I’ve yet to write anything) before the “H” stories voting closes and the “I” stories go live. If leaning toward it, please read the “H” Alphabet Challenge Stories. After, if receptive to the … Continue reading

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Got me more hummers videos

hummingbirds are very distracting, I tell you what. Take, for instance, yesterday evening. I wanted to work on a few things but I kept hearing them . . . humming. . . . so I went out with my phone . . . I’m about two feet away. … Continue reading

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A litle of this and a little of that

On a recent update, Samsung added the capability for Super-slow Motion to the Note 8. Mind you, it’s very limited. By limited, I mean that you can only shoot a few seconds of video and end up with about 6 … Continue reading

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A quick video out my window

When we moved here, I was a bit concerned (but hopeful) about whether I’d be able to attract and see hummingbirds. This next video is of poor quality because it was shot out my office window . . . through … Continue reading

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So, how’s my Note 8?

It’s fine, thank you. I don’t have any complaints and if pushed, I’d be hard-pressed to come up with something I’m not happy about. Blazing fast, lots of customization, handles pretty much anything I throw at it. However, readers of … Continue reading

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Not the One Ring

I felt like posting some quick stuff so I took some of the Note 8 flower photos from a few post ago and played with them using a mix of the tools I have at my disposal.  The full-size photos … Continue reading

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Nikon P900 vs. Samsung Note 8 – the flowers edition

I know, I know . . . everyone is tired of these kinds of posts. Sure, there’s my witty writing, and sure, there are amazing photos, but, honestly, can’t we just forego all of this and get on with life? No; … Continue reading

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