Since January, I’ve averaged exactly twelve (12) posts per month. That is a huge drop from years past. In 2015, for instance, my average was more than one post a day and that’s when I was working. It’s not just posts. I used to write more opinions, more fiction, and shoot and process more photos. 

Wait . . . that’s not exactly true. Through the end of May, I’ve shot 4,330 photographs. That’s on track with the 8,394 photos I shot in 2016 and I’ll easily beat the 5,804 photos total for 2015. 

However, 2016 is an outlier year because a lot of those photos are for the items we were selling on eBay.  But, 2014 had me shoot 11,982 photos. 

Of course, it’s not really the number of photos that matter. It’s the number of photos I post; that’s the number that matter . . . but WordPress doesn’t make it easy to get those numbers. 

Anyways, where was I . . . oh, yeah . . .  

I never know how to introduce these posts. One could well argue that the point of these posts, the purpose for their existence, is to show off a few photos.

On the other hand, given their quality, one could rightly assume the photos are but sacrificial offerings to the brilliant musings therein . . . you know, if only these were brilliant musings.

Right . . . that sets up the first topic: Photography.

Lots of stuff . . . that’s that I muse about. Or, is it “muse on?”

See? I muse about/on that too.

Along with my musing, I present a few B&W photos. Except, they are not B&W. They are shades of gray with some specks of pure black and pure white. Mostly, they are gray . . . just like my musings.

For them just interested in the photos, there’s a gallery at the bottom. I say that because I be writing mucho lungo. Lots and lots of me just letting my fingers go where my mind will lead them. 

FYI, I’m doing this in the hope that putting it down on (virtual paper) will empty it from my mind and free me up to write fiction. 

All of these photos can also be seen in THIS SmugMug Gallery, and all of the originals can be seen in HERE. You can also click on the photos to get a slightly larger version. 

So, what am I musing about these days? Well, there are always the old stalwarts; politics and religion. Let’s begin with those.

. . . not.


A thing that bothers me – and I mean, really bothers me – is the propensity of people to assign meaning or intent to everyday events.

Some will do it explicitly (“thank you, god, for this or that”), and some will do it implicitly (“there must have been a reason why this or that happened”).

Some take it a step further: “there is a reason this happened, and something good will come of it.”

Underlying all those sentiments is the denial of the tenet shit happens and the egotistical and self-absorbed belief that something or “someone” has a particular interest in what happens to us, as if the Universe/god knows who we are and takes an interest in our lives.