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I am, therefore, I muse

I never know how to introduce these posts. One could well argue that the point of these posts, the purpose for their existence, is to show off a few photos. On the other hand, given their quality, one could rightly assume … Continue reading

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I muse, therefore, I am

Lots of stuff . . . that’s that I muse about. Or, is it “muse on?” See? I muse about/on that too. Along with my musing, I present a few B&W photos. Except, they are not B&W. They are shades of … Continue reading

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Still missed . . .

Five years . . . I’ve written before (HERE and HERE) about how much I miss and mourn the loss of Christopher Hitchens. I miss the clarity of thought, I miss the quick wit, I miss the brutal honesty There … Continue reading

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The Universe Knows Your Name . . .

. . . not. A thing that bothers me – and I mean, really bothers me – is the propensity of people to assign meaning or intent to everyday events. Some will do it explicitly (“thank you, god, for this or … Continue reading

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No heroes

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the death of one of my few heroes.  Christopher Hitchens. At the time, I wrote, perhaps with a bit more emotion than I usually express, of his passing and of the void he left. … Continue reading

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Four vs. Five

Today is the five year anniversary of my blog . . . Assuming a noon-to-noon time accounting, I’ve been at this 3,652 days, or 315,532,800 seconds. The traditional and modern anniversary gift for five years is ‘wood’.  . . . I don’t … Continue reading

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Quick Update No. 2

Still busy with work around the house, hoping to get my improved office up and running sometimes this evening (it’s early afternoon as I write this post, but it’s scheduled to go live tomorrow morning). As I feared – well, more … Continue reading

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