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2020 Greetings and Writing Prompts

First off, to all the readers of this blog, I wish you all a boring and uninteresting — but happy — 2020. Of course, it’s not shaping up that way, but I can still hope. Really, most people underestimate boring … Continue reading

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Luminar 4 Sky Replacement AI

I’ve made a few comments about the performance of Luminar 4. Specifically, how it’s slow to come online and once online, its difficulty with showing me the thumbnails of the photos I have. Then, when I’m editing a photo, it’s … Continue reading

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I should be writing . . . instead, Hawk photos.

So, with the short story challenge deadline looming large, I should be hunched over my keyboard, pounding on said keys, and crafting a wondrous tale . . . but, instead, I got photos of my first hawk since moving back … Continue reading

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From One, Many — No. 4

A not-so-quick post . . . Those are leaves just under the water surface (some are poking through the surface). I picked a photo at random from a group of similar shots. I had planned on a quick post, but … Continue reading

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