This is a look back at photos from the last five months of 2022.

“Why five months? Why not six months?”

Well, Bob — if that is indeed your name — I’, not going through this again. If you want an answer, read the intro to the previous post.

Anyway, we continue with a brief — but hopefully worthwhile — look at a sampling of the 2022 photos I snapped using the Nikon D7500 camera.

“So, like, are these the best photos of the year?”

This is a look back at photos from the first seven months of 2022.

“Why seven months? Why not six months?”

Well, Bob — if that is indeed your name — I have 56 photos and wanted to split them into two posts, and it just happened that the first 28 photos cover the months of January through July of 2022.

“But you could have just processed a few more on this first half, no?”

. . . everyone’s a critic . . . Yes, I could have, but I didn’t set out with a particular number in mind. Fifty-six is what I had in the end, and fifty-six is what I’m working with.

“So, like, are these the best photos of the year?”

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post, namely, the monochrome versions of those shots. Typically, I would lump those photos together — color and monochrome — in one post, plus add a bunch more semi-related photos.

Unfortunately, all that takes time to compose and read, as can be experienced by reading THIS post.

Anyway, let me recreate the previous post in monochrome, starting with . . .

I vacillate between thinking chromatic is the better choice and monochromatic as the way to go. Of course, it depends on the subject, one’s preference, the skill of the photographer in processing each version, the preference of the reader (typically fickle and affected by their mood), and, obviously, the current moon phase.

The Face of Happiness

I previously shared photos from the minor ice storm we experienced in late February (HERE). Those photos were taken with the D100 and D200 . . . and today I want to quickly share the photos I snapped with the D7500.

I say quickly because I’m tired and don’t want to spend a whole lot of time and effort, but want to share the photos that have been languishing in my computer for a while.

I know the title says macro, but the first few photos are not macros . . . sorry, but we’ll get to the macros quickly enough.

For them not interested in reading, you can see the photos in THIS<<link SmugMug Gallery.  

For a SmugMug slideshow, click HERE<<link. When you click the link, it will open in a new window, and you have two options:
1) Manually scroll through the photos by clicking the “<” and “>” symbols to the left or right of the photos.
2) There’s a PLAY/PAUSE button at the top-left of the screen with the transition set at about 5 seconds. Note: clicking the PLAY arrow will run a full-screen slideshow. You can then still use the”<” and “>” symbols to the left or right of the photos (this will pause the slideshow).

If you want the full experience, keep reading.

That’s yet another ice disk I pulled from one of my birdbaths following a partial thaw of the ice contained therein. I’ve shared such disks before, like, for instance in THIS post.

That was from two years ago, and I then had only one birdbath . . . I now have four, and I’m sharing the discs from three of them. The fourth birdbath is roughly heart-shaped, and I broke the ice before it dawned on me to photograph it.