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Catching up – Nikon P900

It’s the end of the day . . . just a regular day. We exercised, cleaned, ate, and watched $56M worth of armament hit a base in Syria. Lots of opinions expressed forcefully and with passion.  Perfect time for me … Continue reading

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Grass Does as Grass Seeds

Over the past few weeks I’ve been collecting grass seeds specifically with the intent of recreating the success of my previous seed post. We’ve had a fairly wet Spring and Summer, and that means lots of grasses doing very well. … Continue reading

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The Devil is in the Details

After we walked once around the base of Devil’s Tower, I mounted my trusty 105mm f/2.8  VR Macro lens onto my D7000, and we went around again.  This time I concentrated on the details of the place, mimicking Sarah Takes … Continue reading

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Closing out 2011 – The Stragglers

In the last few days of 2011 I shot pictures that did not fit anywhere in particular.  Not enough for a series, and not enough for individual treatment. What to do?  Well, how about using them as part of a … Continue reading

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