In brief, these posts serve to introduce new readers — and reintroduce regular readers — to photos from the early days of this blog and, occasionally, to photos from days before this blog came into existence.

Today’s gallery covers some of the photos from my first visit to Colorado.

The year was 2004, and we — Melisa and I—headed West searching for a place we could move to. We also had Pops in tow.

The original post for these photos is HERE. In this post, I’m sharing the 31 photos from THIS Gallery.

Yes, not too many photos this week. I figure readers needed a break from some of the recent large galleries.

It was October of 2004, and we were on a grand loop drive . . . we went to Illinois to pick up Melisa’s dad, then drove to Colorado Springs, then to Bozeman, Montana, then back to Chicago, and home to Michigan.

This is the first photo I took in Colorado, coming into Colorado Springs on Highway 24. That, of course, is Pikes Peak (will eventually share some of those galleries as well), but this gallery is actually about the Garden of the Gods.

Wow . . . Time flies like an arrow . . . but fruit flies like bananas . . . and there are only four days left in the voting block.   

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So, today I’ll be all over the place . . . and I begin with the Kissing Camels . . .

Kissing Camels, real bird, sky by Luminar 4

As the note says, the bird — likely a Red-tailed hawk — is in the original photo. The sky wasn’t . . . that’s one of Luminar 4’s Dramatic Skies.

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And . . . readers who are on a PC might have noticed something . . . a different look for the blog. But, before I discuss that, here’s a photo . . .

Yellow VW Beetle covered in snowBack in the days when we were still living in Colorado and I was still working, we’d experience our first snows in September . . .

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And, no, not by mail because The Orange Blob is continuing his efforts to turn the once-mighty USA into a Banana Republic, this time by deprecating the Post Office. As a nation, we’ve come a long way down from our lofty ideals.

For example, we once thought a functioning and reliable Post Office was crucial to our country’s future . . . now, not so much, at least if you listen to certain people. Like I said, every day, there is less and less to calm the nerves and soothe the soul (I mean, if I had a soul, which I don’t). 

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So, Western Landscapes and sights . . .

Sometimes I’m an idiot. (Hmm . . . Only Sometimes?!) I really like that processing but I forgot to save the finished product as a preset, and I don’t remember the exact steps for that “look”.