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Your Cellphone Will Kill You!

That there title is what is known as “click bait” and I would normally ignore such an obvious of an attempt to steal some of my precious time.  Except . . . well, gosh, I don’t even know how to … Continue reading

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Bagel and Muffin Faces

People who follow me might be familiar with my interest in pareidolia. That’s the propensity to make up words that sound filthy.  I kid . . . it’s the propensity to resolve random patterns into familiar objects. In my case, faces. … Continue reading

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Faces and Cruisers VIII

I’ve covered before my propensity to use pareidolia and enhance it by hand-drawing appropriate faces on various food items. For them who are not up on it, HERE is one such post. I also have the program Portrait Professional Studio … Continue reading

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The fifth September short story

Holy crap on a cracker, am I having a tough time writing! The days are flying by and at the end of each one I look at my output and tally what I’ve done . . .  Number of photos … Continue reading

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Playing with my food and making faces . . .

Some of my earliest memories are of playing with my food, usually something I did not like. That was after making a face about having to eat it. These days I do something similar, especially when pondering serious questions. Some … Continue reading

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