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We begin with . . . pareidolia<<link.

I’m always on the lookout for faces I might encounter throughout the day . . . usually, in our kitchen.

That there title is what is known as “click bait” and I would normally ignore such an obvious of an attempt to steal some of my precious time. 

Except . . . well, gosh, I don’t even know how to say this without shaking my head, thus making it difficult to type these words.

I’ll just come out and say it . . . the California Department of Public Health is releasing guidelines about harmful cellphone radiation and how you can avoid it.

I have to admit a slight bias; I think California is . . . how should I say this . . . 

People who follow me might be familiar with my interest in pareidolia. That’s the propensity to make up words that sound filthy. 

I kid . . . it’s the propensity to resolve random patterns into familiar objects. In my case, faces. There are examples dispersed in various posts of mine, THIS being one such post. In that particular case, I used a computer program I own, Portrait Professional Studio 15, to “facilitate” the visualization so that others might enjoy the same ability. 

A favorite activity of mine is capturing photos of bagel slices that incorporate the likeness of faces. In the case of bagels, I tend to draw freehand on the photos to “bring out” — so to speak — facial features. THIS post has a good number of examples and it also contains my work with muffins. 

Why do I bring this up? Because I lied about not doing any Deep Dreams for a while. You see, I ran a bagel face through Deep Dream . . . 

In case anyone wonders what the two originals look like, let me tell you. 

I’ve covered before my propensity to use pareidolia and enhance it by hand-drawing appropriate faces on various food items. For them who are not up on it, HERE is one such post.

I also have the program Portrait Professional Studio 15. Basically, it’s a program to “enhance” portraits. You can see an example of that in THIS post where I wanted to see what happens if you tell the program you are working on a female face but are actually modifying a male face (mine). 

I then got to wondering . . . while the program will not recognize a quasi-face, it will let me define eyes, nose, mouth, and face contours; it’s a very trusting program.

So, what happens if I take a potato . . . 


. . . and tell the program where the eyes, nose, and mouth are? And then, what happens if I add mascara, fake eyelashes, colored contacts, eye shadows and liner, lipstick, etc. etc.?

Well, this happens . . .


Whereas in previous posts one sees the effect of me hand-drawing eyes, teeth, lips, etc., in this case, I did nothing more than throw a few sliders.