Once again, Topaz Studio is tasked with assisting my unwinding. 

I have to say, Studio makes using the plugins and other adjustments a lot easier than using it from the Adobe products. Plus, there’s a lot of saved “recipes” from the community. I should probably save some of my concoctions and save them. 

. . . well, here’s my latest batch; a mix of Note 2 and Note 8 photos. 

I’m busy, but taking a bit of time to relax. I’ve read a few blogs, but I’m still operating at a reduced blog-viewing capacity. To all those whose blogs I’ve missed . . . I hope you have other readers looking at your stuff. 

For the past three nights, I’ve indulged in a bit of sketching . . . I used to call it doodling, but this seems a bit more than drawing abstract but somehow regular (and geometric) patterns. 

I try to infuse a little humor into my efforts. I figure it might be just distracting enough to keep people from being overly-critical of my drawing skills. 

Actually, no one has commented on either of my previous drawings . . . and from that, I take it readers are just too in awe to conjure up worthy superlatives for my efforts. (Edited to Add: one person has, in fact, commented on the drawings and in a complimentary way, and the comments were appreciated.) 

That’s a long way of saying . . . here’s my latest: