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Gnat Graveyard

I’ve written before about one of the joys here in Hawaiʻi . . . bugs.  By the way, THIS is a bit worrisome of an article. As much as I don’t like bugs (don’t hate them, either) I know they are of … Continue reading

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Nikon P900 Trip Report

We were gone from August 30th to September 16th and — as mentioned in THIS post — of the 8,859 photos I shot, 4,273 were shot with the Nikon P900. In fact, up to the very last, I had considered … Continue reading

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Mantis Moth

Just a quick post . . . yesterday evening as I returned from fulfilling the traditional male role of “taking out the garbage” I noticed something on the wall.  This Praying Mantis looks to be a juvenile. That’s confirmed by … Continue reading

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Looking back at what was lost

Nearly three years ago I wrote of a walk I took in an area that was a planned development hurt by the housing slump of 2009. These were some of the photos from that shoot . . . The SmugMug Gallery … Continue reading

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I’ve learned from experience that leading off with a photo of a cat draws more attention to any given post. And this post needs the attention. You see, something changed . . .  I’m hoping the change will be transparent … Continue reading

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Wide Angle and Macro

Saturday afternoon,clouds rolling in, I picked up my camera, snapped on my Sigma 10-20mm ultra-wide lens, and went outside. For as late as it is, the flowers still look pretty good.  The thing with an ultra-wide lens is that you have … Continue reading

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Photography the Disperser Way – Color

My typical workflow when processing photographs is rather minimal; some cropping for them that needs it, a few presets adjusting contrast, saturation, brightness, sharpness, and maybe adding a frame. I have a couple of presets for Lightroom that will take … Continue reading

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