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Hello Nikon D7500 and kit lenses

This is a quick long update regarding my ongoing photography equipment odyssey. Some might remember my previous forays into the difficult landscape of photography equipment (HERE and HERE and probably other places . . . like HERE and HERE). Before … Continue reading

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Flowers, bugs, bark, and rocks

If I were smart . . . scratch that; let me start over; if I applied my considerable intellect to maximizing visits to this blog, I would split this post into four or five posts and feed them piecemeal to … Continue reading

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Bugs and Buds

The photos of the flowerbeds in the previous post are OK, I guess, but to me they don’t have a high-impact score. Rather, I should clarify . . . they have a high impact when I’m seeing them with my … Continue reading

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Before and After – 004

First, a few more photos of the cacti . . .  I like most of the shots taken with my Samsung Note II phone, but it bears remembering it’s an inferior tool to one specifically designed for the task.  The … Continue reading

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The Big Dump 2012- The Bugs Edition

I processed all of the photos from Late July, August, and early part of September (before the Alaska crusise), and there are too many for one post (or two, or three). Soo-oooo , I’m doing a number of posts covering … Continue reading

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The Lady is a Bug

Ladybugs are actually Lady Beetles.  They lead an interesting and varied life I know nothing about.  Those interested can read about it HERE.  My interest in them is fueled strictly by the fact they are excellent accessories to flower photographs. … Continue reading

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