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I did it again!

Part I A few years ago, I wrote THIS post and I resolved to be more careful. Well, obviously I wasn’t because I got another wake-up call. I got called out for being a nuisance. Understand, I’m not making excuses … Continue reading

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Testing stuff — photo stuff

In THIS post, I did something different because I didn’t want to use up new photos . . . I linked photos from my SmugMug account. The thing is, the photos looked especially nice. So nice that even cranky curmudgeons … Continue reading

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Question for fellow bloggers

So, in the past week or so I’ve gotten a surge of followers. Well, what for me is a surge — eleven — but here’s the thing . . .  None of them are bloggers and they all have strange email … Continue reading

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Rude Awakening

Yesterday, I had a rude awakening of sorts. I found out that possibly, maybe even likely, I’m a jerk. I found out in a rather rude and, because of the rudeness, shocking way. I subscribe to about sixty blogs. As … Continue reading

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I’ve learned from experience that leading off with a photo of a cat draws more attention to any given post. And this post needs the attention. You see, something changed . . .  I’m hoping the change will be transparent … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Photography

Those who follow my blog have read a number of posts documenting my recent trip to Florida. If not, that’s OK . . . I only mention them as a reference.  All of the photos on those posts were taken, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Blogging

From WordPress (September 2013 Hot List), during the month of September on WordPress alone there were 1,369,067 new blogs created, or an average of 45,636 each day. That’s blogs, not posts. And that’s just WordPress. There are other blogging platform … Continue reading

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Disperser Tracks – Two Years Anniversary

Monday, March 19th, marked the anniversary of this blog.  Two Years.  Two hundred and fifty two posts (252), not counting this one. I had planned big things in celebration of the momentous event; an in-depth interview with the author, a … Continue reading

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Blogger Awards

Not to give myself airs, but I live in dread of receiving a Versatile Blogger Award.  Well, dread is a strong word.  Basically I hope I never receive one, mainly because I don’t want to play in that field. It’s … Continue reading

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